Alarm Bells

Over the years, there have been many messages and teachings from my non-physical team. This message has been consistent though. Time and time again, so many lessons have led back to this truth. Each of us, in our own way, is coming to the realization of all that we are. The paths we walk, and the experiences we have, were orchestrated by us to trigger and facilitate our awakening and subsequent realization.

Energy serves you. It always has. It is here supporting and responding to you and the path you have chosen. That path ultimately is yours and yours alone to walk. Certainly there will be teachers, helpers, guides, and collaborators on the way, but the path before you was created by You, for You. The events of your life hold the clues, and cues needed to awaken you to YOUR truth. This is what is at the root of the phrase I repeat over and over: “Only you know what truth feels like.” It is up to YOU to fulfill your agreements in this lifetime and nobody else can be responsible for them.

The same goes for those who are near and dear to us. We may want more than anything for them to “WAKE UP”! However, we have no way of knowing what another soul has chosen to experience in any given lifetime. The truth is that some souls didn’t come here to wake up. Just as some souls choose a lifetime of illness or difficulty. Whatever happens occurs because it is what THEY wanted to experience. 

When we derail our own journey because we think it is our job to save people, or awaken people, not only do we interfere with the sovereign choice they have made, but we also deny ourselves the fullness of our realization. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye or refuse to help. There is always room for compassion, understanding, and unconditional Love. We can hold space, and offer support. Yet if it is consistently refused, or it if comes at the cost of our own well-being, it is most likely a distraction or a detour.

The only way anyone ever comes to the realization of their Truth is via their own experience. Think for a moment how resistant you have often been on your own journey. Remember how difficult it was for you to accept the awakening process and understand what was going on? Nobody could have “made” you wake up, you did so when it was your time.

All paths lead to the top of the mountain. Each soul arrives in their own way, according to their agenda, in alignment with their timeline. Awakening is inevitable, and the intensity of the alarm required by another for them to awaken has nothing to do with you.

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