The Myth of Control

The idea of control is so seductive. It’s one of our favorite human myths. We use the program of “Control” to justify all sorts of things. Yet if things were “controllable” would we even perceive them as being out of control in the first place? How can something be what it is not? Is the myth of control simply rooted in a lack of trust? Do we believe that the only way to get what we want in life is to manipulate, coerce, cajole, and force? Is the lie of control an offshoot of another BS myth about how we are born broken and unworthy? The one that says we need to crawl and beg for forgiveness for simply choosing to be human?

What if we stopped chasing the dream of control and simply allowed ourselves to be as we are in any given moment? What if we just exhaled and allowed things to SHOW us what they are? What if we stopped trying to wrest it all to the ground and allowed it to open up so we could work WITH it instead of against it? What if we turned that externalized expression of limited, finite, power around? What if we dropped the dreams of power and control and turned our spotlight of awareness towards ourselves and reclaimed our inherent authority? What if we took all the time, effort, and energy we’ve been pouring into control and redirected it towards allowing?

Does the Sovereign seek to control? Or does she understand that everything serves her already? That energy is always arriving in support of what she has already chosen? That control is a waste of time, because what is hers is already here, and what isn’t hers will never be. 

Learning how to trust and live the truth that energy is always working for me, has changed my life. I gave up the myth of control for many reasons. The biggest of which was the realization that what my Self has in store for me is FAR greater than anything I could dream up from the limited perception of the mind. Maybe it’s time to stop, take a breath, unclench, and simply allow what is to unfold without mucking it all up in a futile attempt at control.

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