Judgement is the realm of the mind; the playing field of the small self. Judgement of ourselves, of circumstances, and of others is one of our greatest addictions. Judgement is the foundation for all separation. Separation is the ego’s favorite way to divide us from our Self.

When I believe that a judgement is true, it binds me to that level of reality. In order to break through the layers of density that judgement creates, I must unravel those judgements and stories. The judgements we hold of ourselves and of others, only weigh us down. Clearing our fields of the history of judgement liberates us and puts us back in line with our Sovereign Authority. Unraveling our judgements unplugs us from the control matrix of illusion.

During the “Clearing Fields of Judgement” event, we will connect directly with your Creator Self so you can meet your judgements face to face. When you bring compassion for yourself and others to your judgements, you dismantle them. In clearing your field of that energy, you open a space for the frequency of your true Self to descend and raise your vibration. Join us this Sunday, the 14th at 11AM MT for this energy event. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clearing-fields-of-judgement-tickets-108611309350

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