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I have felt the desire to share a written message for weeks now. I really love writing and [not for lack of trying] have tried numerous times to craft something to share.  However, the current energies have pretty much hijacked my creative process! It seems that recently, I have about 20 minutes a day where I can be productive and effective before I want to crash into a heap and nap the day away. The physical transmutations that we are all currently in the midst of are VAST and DEEP! Yesterday I had a chat with my teammates, The Lighted Ones (TLO) and asked if they would please just let me be the vessel/scribe so that I wouldn’t have to “create” something. Suffice it to say, that I was thrilled this morning, when I was able to tap in and receive. I’ve not channeled a message from TLO in some time. Mostly because these days, my embodiment of them means that the info and insight is instantaneous and constant. So, today I gladly moved to the passenger seat so they could pop in.

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Now to the message.



Greetings to our family, friends, and partners in Spirit! 

You are all, each of you part of The Universal Family. Just like in all families, there are vast differences within a singular group. In any family unit, there are those you prefer to spend time with, those who you might find challenging to be in the company of, and still others who you would prefer to never engage with again. We trust that by now, most of you have begun to align with who and what you DO want to experience. 

The past 18 months or so of your Earth life has been in many ways a process of sorting. Deciding what experiences you prefer and choosing new avenues of exploration. You have found that what you once thought of as “the way things are”, was actually in many ways too limiting for your rapidly expanding Self. Just like you would be hard pressed to fit into your first pair of baby shoes,  so too are you far too big to revert back to how “it was”.

You are now finding within yourself new Truths, new curiosities, and new information that is often surprising, revelatory, and in many circumstances quite shocking. As the walls of separation and veils of illusion have fallen within your inner landscape, you have, in turn witnessed the same collapses happening in your outer reality. 

The Truth of  “As above, so below. So within, so without” is really starting to anchor into your Human consciousness. 

This truth of how you create your experience – The inner world being the primary reality, and the outer world being the secondary reality – has always been true. On a soul level you know this. However for many of you, your Human understanding is just now beginning to grasp the validity of this Truth. The embodiment and realization of this Natural Law, is now rooting into your physical systems. When we speak of “physical systems” we speak not just of your body, but also of your societal and cultural belief systems and everything that has been created from them. 

The collective body, the paradigms and institutions, ALL have had a resonant component within your individual bodies as well. We implore you to begin to see through the lens that everything in your secondary [external] reality is only a mirror of what you hold or have held within. 

An example of this is what our brother, Amar* has been sharing: “If you want to see gender equality on the planet, then you must first bring balance to your inner Feminine and Masculine aspects”. This is just one of an infinite number of ways you can step into the Truth that every single moment you have ever experienced has [in part] been created by you. Your mere presence on the planet at this time is in and of itself a creative act. 

When you wish to change what you see upon the external stage, you must go within. You do not re-create the movie by shouting at the screen. If you don’t like what you see “out there”, then your authority to shift it can be accessed by refusing to participate. Withdrawing your time, attention, awareness, and focus returns you to your center. Once you have returned to the center of Self, you can then begin to deliberately create what you do desire. 

You are Creative beings in a Creative reality, with each breath, and each blink, you are creating, even if you are unaware.

We will forego reviewing the means of deliberate creation in detail, as that information is readily available through not only our brother, but numerous wise beings that currently inhabit your reality. 

Suffice it to say, that now more than ever, the power, authority, and ability to manifest a life that feels like paradise is squarely in your hands.

You are not alone in your endeavors. The focus of all of Creation right now is on the spectacular blue planet you presently call home. What is currently at play is reverberating through each and every being, layer of consciousness, and dimension, that Spirit has ever created. 

We invite you to pause for a moment and drink this in. The fact that all that is, all that was, and all that ever shall be is currently focused on this chapter of the Human experience is unprecedented. You, the chosen ones, the brave volunteers, the wise and wonderful magical beings, have never in all of your experiences and expressions experienced this before.

Nor have we.

You came to reignite the flames of Sovereignty. You came to remind Humanity of who and what they truly are. You came to assist them in liberating themselves by their own hand.

This, we understand, is no small feat. We, The Lighted Ones, have always come to assist you in times of transition. We have many times over helped you (yes, you have known us before) as that is our calling. That is our mission; and it is one of joy.

The crux of our message today has a few points. This information is what we feel is of the most importance for you to know.

  • Everything is always in the state of becoming that which it already is. That is to say, whatever intentions were present at the conception of any creation will always emerge. When said intentions have been willfully obfuscated, they may take a bit longer to reveal themselves, yet reveal themselves they shall. Another way to express this – “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the Truth.”
  • Where no permission is required, none will be granted. Contrary to your collective indoctrination, you do not need the permission of another to be who and what you are. Spirit has seen fit to give you a body, a life, an experience of Self, and Divine Authority over that experience. So who is anyone else to defy Her decree? The powers that were have a singular weakness. They require(d) your participation, belief, energy, submission, acquiescence, for their power to sustain. You are their food source! Your belief in them, keeps them viable. You see, the big Truth that they have been so desperate to keep under wraps is that their power is not divinely granted. Spirit allowed them to corrupt, distort, and hide this Truth, because She also granted inhabitants of this Universe Free Will. Their permission slip, if you will, has been revoked. In actuality, it was revoked sometime ago. What you are currently witnessing is the continuation of what “would have been” had you not collectively began to rise up. Consider now, that the vast majority of those who currently stand on the world stage, wielding their false power are simply actors playing out their role as the “authority” to allow ALL that will awaken in this timeline to do so. As you collectively continue to withdraw your support, belief, and worship of those who have deceived you, they will continue to minimize and destroy themselves by their own hands. 
  • Only You know what Truth feels like. Our brother, Amar has been crowing this statement for lifetimes. This Truth is so deeply powerful for you at this time. Truth is a feeling thing and always has an energetic component. When information is presented to you as factual or truthful and it feels off, odd, incongruent, or otherwise false, it [at least in part] is. If something doesn’t feel right, simply become curious about it. Locate the space within your body that lights up in the face of this falsity. Observe this information with neutral curiosity, and it will, over time reveal its true nature. 

The upcoming corridor from 12/12 to 12/21 will offer another rapid acceleration for all upon this planet. The intensity of these energies as they carry you to the start of your next calendar year will continue to reveal to you what is True. Some of you will celebrate and be elevated by these Truths, and others will choose to double down on their denial and dive more deeply into the last shreds of illusion. 

We know that you constantly hear this message: but that is their choice. No-one has any way of knowing what a soul truly chose to experience for their growth and expansion. Not every soul came to ascend in form. Not every soul came for a liberated, joyful, experience. Some souls agreed to play the role of the “bad guy”until the bitter end. Many souls agreed to stay asleep in order to populate the 3D hologram to allow the polarity dramas to come to balance.

We know it is often challenging for you to see those you Love choose a life of limitation, scarcity, lack, and powerlessness. For those who have become accustomed to a very short leash, living a life without one is terrifying. Muster as much compassion and understanding for them as you can. Their Free Will experience is just as divinely guided and granted as yours is.

Who you were is not necessarily who you are. Most of you by now are at least generally aware of this. The death of those old identities and layers of false self can be painful, chaotic, and greivous to say the least. It is the death of the old, limited, ways of living a human experience. You [humans] are, by nature compassionate, curious, kind, creative, cooperative, brilliant beings. The anger, violence, manipulation, and other atrocious behaviors are simply the effects of programming that was deliberately designed to keep you locked in a lower frequency bandwidth. That geometry has broken, and is no longer viable. The upcoming years on your planet are ALL moving towards the reclamation of this Truth. The glory that is [shortly] in store for you and all of Creation is at hand and will rewrite history throughout. 

We Love you so.

In Love and Light we meet you, Rejoice!

The Lighted Ones

*Amar is the name of my Creator Self, and in turn the name of my True Self. When TLO are referring to Amar, they are essentially referring to me.

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