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Andrew Martin Energy ✨The pools of light have been gathering. Like droplets of rain running down the window. Merging and blending as they have grown and expanded. Each Lightseed, according to the will of Self, was initially planted in a particular point in space and time. Their energy fields grew stronger and more vital through the experience of living. As their beacon ripened and became more luminous, they began to attract those who were ready to shift. Those who became curious about the beacons of light then began their own journeys of active transformation. This geometric pattern of growth is exponential in nature. As phase one ignited the activation of phase two, phase two activated phase three, and on it has gone. The initial phases and subsequent waves of awakening beings have reached a maturity point where they are ready for the next phase. Like the flower that has gone to seed, you have been awaiting the wind to carry you to the next place you will root and grow. This phase is different than your initial phase as a beacon. Your primary role for decades was simply to be a beacon of light. A steadfast emitter of energy intended to awaken the souls of those who were ready. At the right moment each has (and will continue to) awaken and step into their role as an active beacon of light until such time as they are ready to proceed to their next phase and destination. 

For those of you who are on the move, so to speak, you are finding yourselves in the midst of great change. Inner change is always the beginning; so within, so without, and now those internal changes are spilling over into your [outer] physical experience. No longer is it an abstract or hypothetical vision, it is actualizing rapidly and will swiftly bring changes to your material experience should you allow it. Some of you will be leaving your current locations, relationships, jobs etc and moving into entirely new places as your dreams take physical form. Some of you will find yourself reshaping your current environments to suit your emerging realities but will stay in the same location. Some of you will have an evolving iteration of your current experience; a 2.0 version of your life if you will. Some of you will enjoy a shift that seems to bring you to a place and a reality that is unlike anything you were living before. No matter what these changes are, they have been chosen and are supported by You at the highest levels. 

The path of service was never about bondage, it has always been about liberation. However, from your human perspective it has often felt restrictive because the lower programming muddied your role in this lifetime. Many of you found yourself at odds with the deep desire to “help” humanity because what you were called to do often felt as if it was in conflict with your material needs. You were so deeply programmed with the false belief that material goods equated to emotional and physical safety. These programs caused you to become isolated, suspicious, and competitive. You were programmed to believe that you needed to accumulate more and more material wealth (far beyond what you needed for a healthy and vital life) and possessions in order to succeed. You were falsely instructed that abundance is limited and that you needed to fight and scrap to survive and win at all costs. When your path of service called you to turn away from a mindless pursuit of wealth and status, it triggered fear and anxiety because you thought you were sacrificing your well being. 

The past two years were [in part] an opportunity to see that that is not necessarily the case. Help and assistance often arrived in unexpected and surprising ways. Support emerged when it was least expected but most needed. The worst case scenarios often turned out to be nothing more than paper tigers. Physical goods and material wealth are an intrinsic part of a material experience. When they are a balanced aspect of a larger system, they can be quite beneficial and enjoyable. However, they guarantee nothing in the end. When the fires burn through the forest, they do not play favorites by avoiding the wealthy, they consume all within their path. When the raging waters break through their banks and flood into the plain, all of the money in the world will not stop their course of destruction. 

So now, the pools of light have grown into a series of oases. Around those oases communities are gathering. From those communities, villages and townships shall emerge. From an energetic perspective it is like a string of luminous gems. Each connecting with the next as you form a web and network of  Cities of Light. They each serve as models for interdependent living that cooperate with Natural and Divine Law. They serve as examples of what is possible when one intends to be inclusive with one’s vision. When individuals and communities decide to drop the meaningless labels that separate and divide and step forth in service of Life. They will serve as living temples that support all of Creation in her many forms. These emerging cities do not exclude based upon the whims of dogma, judgment, or false morality.  They are spaces of Truth and Light. They are spaces that work in accordance with Divine Law. They are spaces that exalt and align with the forces of Nature and her Kingdoms. They are spaces that honor your Sovereignty as an aspect of Source Herself. 

Allow yourself to hear and heed the call that has been ringing inside of you. Become curious about new ways of cooperative living. Step forward now and share your stories, your visions, and your skills. There is no ability that is extraneous. Each aspect of Life has its place in these Cities of Light. These Cities need you. Without you they would be incomplete. Just like your physical bodies, these models work most successfully when the well being of ALL aspects are considered and honored. 

These cities and the visions that bring them to form are already rising. They have been for sometime. You play a vital role in their emergence. Now is the time for deeper dedication to your daily practices that align you with your Divine Spark. Now is the time to turn towards the open door and leave the prison of your history behind. Those of you who have been focused upon healing, are now ready to move beyond brokenness into transformation. Those who are now awakening will look to you as a model of what is possible when Truth is honored. Do not fear that the people and places you are moving away from will be bereft without you. Consider them to be the fledglings that need a gentle nudge from the nest to test their wings and learn how to fly on their own. Your wings are ready, the cage door is open and now it’s your turn to fly. The world needs your vision, your expertise and your Light. Spread your wings and go. 

We are with you, Tau.


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