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My name is Amar. I have an uncanny ability to take high level spiritual concepts and make them practical and accessible. My work assists people in reclaiming their Sovereign authority as they walk the path to Self Mastery.

I’m the guy you come see when you’re ready to reclaim your position as The Authority of your experience. I’m the guy you come see when you’re ready to move beyond your previous notions of limitation, brokenness, and suffering. I'm the guy you come see when you're ready to say "YES" to the path and the purpose you’ve already agreed to.


Total freedom requires total accountability. The tools I employ in my practice are the same ones I employ in my life. They are grounded in humor, unflinching truth, and personal responsibility. I believe in listening to and honoring the wisdom of the body. I believe in the power of our emotions. I lead with compassion, willingness, and curiosity.

“As you reconnect with your Eternal Self, you will see everything you experience is here to serve you on this journey to Self Mastery. There will be many guides and helpers along your path, I am but one. You are far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. I intend to help you reclaim that power.”


I help

What I offer isn’t for everyone.

I insist on your greatness.

I have deep compassion for the challenges and difficulties that are often a part of the human experience. I also know that everything that any human has ever experienced on some level was a choice. The magic lies in making your choices consciously and on purpose. If you're committed to the perception that you live as a victim of your life and your choices, I am not the person for you to work with. Unless, of course, you're ready to tell a new story.

My work stands to remind you that you already are what you wish to be. I am here to help you pull back the curtain on your life and reclaim your role as The Creator of your human experience. I support you as you recall your eternal nature and reconnect with the part of you that always knows.

When you work with me you’ll gain:

• The Keys to unlock your power
• A clearer sense of why you make the choices you make

• The courage to take back your authority as the Creator of your experience
• Clarity to help you untangle yourself from the emotional dramas in life
• Remembrance of how to consciously create the reality you prefer
• Reconnection to your innate role as The Sovereign in your life