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My name is Amar. I’m a conscious channel, energy intuitive, and author. I have an uncanny ability to take high level spiritual concepts and make them practical and accessible. In my sessions, I connect with your Higher Self to channel wisdom, insight, and information directly from your source.

My work consciously reconnects you with your Truth and your Light. It calls to the surface what is asking for love and attention. It is your loving attention that opens the door for healing and life altering shifts to occur. I assist you in returning to your center of connection where all things are possible.


The tools I employ in my practice are grounded in humor, Truth, and personal responsibility. I know you are a powerful creator. I believe in listening to and honoring the wisdom of the body. I believe in the power of emotions. I believe in the liberation that comes through radical surrender. I lead with compassion, willingness, and curiosity.

There will be many guides and helpers along your path, I am but one. You are far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. I intend to help you reclaim that power.

"Working with Amar has been nothing short of a miracle. I always felt safe opening up in his compassionate presence. His humor, wisdom, and love are a part of everything he does. This experience has changed my life forever. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Jess


I help

It all begins with a conversation. As a conscious channel, I don't go into a trance state, I simply open myself to let your highest awareness flow through me. Our free flowing dialogue opens the direct connection to your Higher Self. It is through this connection that I tap into the energies and information that hold the keys to your liberation. My work goes directly to the heart of whatever is present in your life and brings you face to face with your Self. When you work with me, we don’t skate on the surface, we go deep. I am a conduit for powerful energies that support your freedom, transformation, and return to personal sovereignty. This requires you to show up and be willing to do the work.

Believe it or not, you already are what you wish to be. The life you desire already exists. Being able to dismantle the beliefs and programs you've inherited and adopted is what allows you to access it. Regardless of what is occurring in your human experience, there is a version of you that is always healthy, balanced, and thriving. It might sound fantastical, but the truth is that it's really quite practical. It's why you're here. You were born to experience the life you desire. It has already been promised. My job is to support you as you recall your eternal nature and reconnect with the part of you that already knows how to get you there. You’re not in this alone, I am here to walk beside you. I reflect to you your inherent greatness and remind you of how you can reclaim it.