April Energy Update: Time To Experiment

New video for you!

The question for this month? “What haven’t I tried or asked for?”

Moving into the second week of April and the message that is coming through repeatedly is that it’s time to experiment!

We have the raw materials and the ingredients to create what we want, but the way we are creating it has changed.

We are re-learning how to speak, listen to and create using the Language of Light.

Super Powers are being revealed through sessions and they are coming in one breadcrumb at a time. It kind of feels like the great cosmic scavenger hunt!

When we finally decide to move forward and trust the new ways of doing things (which are really just the old ways) it’s amazing how quickly things unfold.

There is no right or wrong, failure or success, bad or good. There’s only the process of rediscovery through action. This month (and next month) is an amazing time to dream bigger, aim higher and to try things in a new way.

Thanks as always for watching!


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