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Be As You AreI was sitting out on my deck this morning enjoying the warmth and peace of the morning. I asked my team what was on tap for today. My question lately has been “How can I serve the life that is calling me forth?”

The answer came through loud and clear.

We love the video you recorded yesterday. The message is simple and true. To be as you have been so focused on becoming is your task today. You asked how may you be of service to the life you came here to live? You serve your life, your self, and all that is by living now as you have been striving to be. You have so long dreamed of a life that feels free and true. You have been so diligently working to remove anything that blocks the path to joy and happiness. We say to you. To all of you. There is nothing more you need to do to arrive at the life you’ve been dreaming of. When you hold the vibration of love you create a space not only for it, but OF it. When you hold joy or satisfaction or happiness as your frequency, you create from that frequency and what you create is built OF that frequency. You have so long been working to remember how to manage this tricky business of creation and manifestation when it’s really quite simple.

We have been giving you the lessons around The Alchemy of Now and this is what it is. Whatever you hold in your current experience of now is what you create from and as. When you are holding frustration and creating in your state of frustration, that becomes the raw material you use to create the experience of your frustration from. So often you get yourself turned around on calling something into form and you still believe that the thing you are looking for will appear outside of you. The physical representation of what you are holding is all that ever appears. Can you see? The THING you are trying so hard to manifest is simply a souvenir of your emotional/vibrational experience. Just like when you go to Disneyland and buy some mouse ears. The mouse ears are not the experience itself, but they hold the essence of the experience. When you have a joyful time at the amusement park, you look at the souvenir and remember and relive the joyful experience. The same is true for the experience of your life. You create from fear and then what you call forth is created of fear. You stand in fear, you move from fear, and as you move, everything that vibrates with fear presents itself in your awareness as an ingredient to create with.You magnetize TO you all that vibrates WITH you. If fear is the starting point, then fear will be present in not only the experience of creation, but also it will be present AS the fabric that you have created the object of fear from.

But consider this: What if you removed the physical “thing” that you have created? Would the experience itself have changed? If you lost your mouse ears, would you not still have the energetic experience and the memory of having visited the happiest place on earth? If you removed all physical objects from your experience, what would you be left with? You would be left with the essence of your experience. You all still seem to get bound by the physicality of manifesting your things and your stuff. What we so clearly want to illustrate to you is that HOW and WHAT you feel is the quarry from which you mine the building blocks of your THINGS.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that all of your “stuff” has somehow disappeared. All you are left with is an empty room. You have suddenly had a reset and now you get to create brand new stuff. Where do you start? What is your first move? Redirect your focus from the things and point your awareness inside. The first move is to find the frequency and the vibration you want to experience. Go within and access it. Find it and put a stake in it as the place from which you are building. Create from there. If you want to call in a life that is built from happiness, then you must do the connecting with happiness first and create from happiness.

Now, of course this is just an example. We know that you are all surrounded by souvenirs of the life you don’t want. You ask “well how in the hell do I transform the fear and anger when I am surrounded by an experience that was created from fear and anger?!” This is the magic question!

Now, we really get to the power of the understanding. No matter where you are, or what you have done, the eternal now moment always holds the promise of a fresh start. There is nothing that cannot be transformed by shifting your perspective to a new place. When we tell you to Be as you have been working so hard to Be, what we mean is that your experience is not outside of you. The life that you have been dreaming of living starts with your claim of it. When you BE as you are…as you truly are. When you proceed in your life as the Divine Human Self, you transform everything around you. If the life you have dreamed of living features you as happy and successful, then you begin to call that life into focus by stepping into it now. You look around your room and you say “this room is filled with things created from fear and anger, but to one who is happy and successful, that is a minor detail.”

You transform what you see in front of you by viewing it through the eyes of the one that you are. What you have done in your life up until this point is meaningless in the sense that it can be immediately transformed by BE-ing as you truly are. So instead of looking at things and worrying that they were created from something you no longer wish to hold, you look at them and simply ask “Standing now in my success and happiness, how do I engage this creation that came from fear and anger?”

When you decide to BE, to shift and to engage ALL that you experience from the new place of love and success, you create a space that allows it to be transformed. That transformation may require you to let go of people, places and things. It may require you to take responsibility for something you created from a lower place, but HOW you engage the things that stand before you is all that matters. Continue to BE as you have so long desired to be and you will see it all shift around you.

As you said yesterday, you don’t need an engraved invitation to be what and who you truly are. There is no need for permission. That permission will never come. Does the Sun need permission to shine? Do the flowers need permission to bloom? Be it now. Live it now. Choose it now. Engage all that you see before you AS you are and it will shift to match you as you are.

There will be no beginning of the new until you step into it and claim it. The new is waiting, the new is here. But your experience of it will not start until you choose to live it. Step into it now.

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