Creation and Belief

The spiritual path is not all airy fairy feel good stuff and drum circles in the park. Quite the contrary. It’s the complete and total unraveling of everything we have known and have held up as truth.

Beliefs can be a tricky thing. We can so desperately want something and yet if on some level we don’t believe it can be ours (for whatever reason) then we’ll never be able to create a sustainable shift towards it. We’ve all heard the story of someone winning 20 million dollars and just a year or two later they’re broke. If you believe money is evil or causes trouble or that you don’t deserve it, you’ll never be able to sustain it.
We can never create above our lowest belief. Some beliefs are so quiet and so subtle that they can be difficult to identify. Like a radio that’s been playing in the background at a very low volume for years. We are so used to it, we don’t even consciously hear it. The beauty of beliefs is that they’re discardable. A huge part of spiritual work is the dismantling of outdated or toxic beliefs.

Where in your life do you see chronic difficulty? Where do you see yourself at odds with what you want and what you have? I’d bet on some level there’s an old belief that’s still active within you. It might be very simple and small, but often the tiniest things can stop us in our tracks. Like a pebble in our shoe or a speck of dust in our eye. It doesn’t have to be huge and obvious to be powerful.

So the next time you see yourself creating an all too familiar story where you’re unhappy or discontent, begin to ask yourself what belief is it that’s currently active?

creation and belief


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