Pain and Creation 

We hear it all the time. “I did it because I was angry.” ” I was afraid that this would happen so I did that”. “It hurt too much to say it so instead I kept my mouth shut”. The fundamental experience of being a human is an emotional one. We always create from emotion. When painful emotions are present, we create from them first.

The trick is to allow ourselves to acknowledge the pain without letting it be the impetus for our actions. Feel the anger or fear or need for vengeance. Let it blossom within you. Allow it an audience with you, but don’t let it command you.

These negative emotions are showing up because they want to be heard and understood. When we understand them, we no longer fear them. When we no longer fear them we don’t let them derail us. Spirit is always presenting us with the opportunity to grow and expand. We can choose whichever method of learning we want. Whether that’s anger or joy. Fear or love. When we’re presented with a powerful negative emotion we’re given the choice to create/act from it or not. Your creations are rooted in your choices. And that choice is always seeded by an emotion.


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