Multidimensional Self

Whether you know it or not you’re a multidimensional being. We all have multiple levels of awareness. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic. All of these points of awareness bring us a new perspective within a single experience.

A spiritual path is not about eliminating chaos but about finding balance within the chaos. When we claim balance for ourselves we begin to experience it regardless of our external circumstances. When we don’t allow all levels of self to be present, we are imbalanced.

What is your body asking for in order to be healthy balanced and thriving? What are your emotional needs? What’s the energetic situation you’re currently in and how does it feed or deplete you? Until you learn how to access and to listen to all levels of yourself, balance will elude you. Every part of you wants what you want, and it’s your job to ensure they’re all getting what they need to achieve it. They have a stake in the claim of the life you’re dreaming of and therefore they need to have a say in the decision making process. You can’t drive a car for very long with a flat tire. Trying to make a journey with an imbalanced level of yourself is the same thing. Other levels may be able to compensate for a while, but inevitably a breakdown will occur.

Start by tuning in to how you feel on multiple levels within your experience. Observe what is present. Feel it, hear it, listen to it. What is it trying to tell you?


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