Self Inquiry 

Everyone at some point or another reaches a place where they’re not entirely happy with their life. It’s part of the deal. Spirit is a fractal expression and fractals never end they just keep expanding and recurring. Your sense of dissatisfaction is what keeps you moving forward. The only things that don’t grow are dead things.

In order to transform, you’ve got to start looking within. Asking yourself some serious questions. What’s meaningful, valuable and important to you? You’ve gotta start cultivating awareness of where you are in each moment. The now moment is all there is.

Your five levels of awareness: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Energetic, and Spiritual all give you access to a different perspective in each moment. What is it that requires your attention? Check in. Do a diagnostic scan of your multiple levels.

Cultivate stillness. There’s a reason meditation is so effective. It gives you access to the still small voice of Spirit. You’ve gotta turn off the tv and the computer. You’ve gotta put down your phone. You’ve gotta get quiet and breathe. Even just for five minutes.

You’re learning how to speak a new language. The language of self. It takes dedication and commitment to learn a new language. But what’s the alternative? If what you have was still what you wanted, you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s no reason to judge or criticize yourself. But it is the perfect opportunity to get real and clear about who you are now and what you want now. The only way to find that out is by going within. 


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