Emotional Liability 

We live in a society where by and large we’ve been told our emotions are a sign of weakness. “Stop being so emotional!” “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you!” and my favorite “Use your head!” Um, excuse me Mr./Mrs. Imbalanced Masculine Energy That is the Dying Patriarchal Structure. The order to “Stop being so emotional and use our heads”, is EXACTLY what has gotten us into this mess!

Your emotions are what makes you Human. Your emotions are your tools for manifestation and creation. Every single choice that anyone has ever made has an emotional underpinning to it. Either because we want to avoid them, change them, or create more of them. Yes, things can get messy and tangled when we let our emotions command us. They are powerful forces! However learning to master the self and use your emotions to actively create your world is a beautiful, magnificent, thing.

We’ve been taught that the head should rule the heart. Bullshit. The head is a lovely assistant, but a tyrannical master. Look at the world around us. Every single major problem facing humanity right now has its roots in the fact that we’ve been using our heads to guide us at the expense of the heart. The wisdom of the heart is impeccable. Your emotions are a guide leading you to truth. When we let our emotions clue us in to what we’ve got going on internally, we have an opportunity to sort it out, get clear and then bring the head into it to create into physical form.

Allow your emotions to present themselves to you and get clear on how you feel, then move to action. When you give your emotions a voice, you begin to understand them. When you understand them, you no longer fear them. When you no longer fear them, they no longer command you. Let them advise you, but not command you. And keep the head where it belongs, in service of the heart.


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