Awareness in Action

Awareness In Action Where is your awareness right now? Are you fretting about the future or stuck in regret about the past? Are you present in the moment, fully aware and connected?

The truth is, your fundamental experience is always created by your awareness in any given moment. It’s the basis for all of your creations. In fact, you ARE awareness choosing to focus itself into human form for this lifetime.

A spiritual path is not about inaction. Sure, there will be moments of reflection and quiet preparation on your path. Taking action and moving forward is just as much a part of it as stillness and silence is. The messy joy of a human experience and all of its many moods is exactly what you signed on for in this lifetime.

Consider that your emotional/energetic state is the fuel for your creation. It will always run according to what you’ve put into it. Anger, joy, exhaustion, fear, avoidance, acceptance…all of these are fuels for creation. You may not get to choose each and every situation that comes to you. But you get to decide exactly what fuel it is that you’re putting in the tank in response to that situation. You could go off half-cocked, stumbling forward in a scatter shot way unfocused and confused. Or, you can take a beat, take a breath, and ask yourself exactly what it is that’s driving you in the moment. The trick is to allow yourself to become aware and THEN to act.

So start now with your awareness. Just allow whatever it is that’s with you in the moment to show itself to you and then decide if you want it to be the fuel or if you’re ready to choose something else.



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