Emotional Set Point

Emotional Set Point The guides have been talking about this a lot lately. How the human experience is one where we create through our emotions. Every choice we make has an emotional underpinning.

The key to consciously creating your life is to begin the self inquiry that’s necessary to uncover what’s informing your choices.

Ultimately our emotions and the decisions we make from an emotional state are a choice. Rather than trying to fix it or change it, just become aware of it. Most of us have a specific level of emotion that we’re most accustomed to being in. Like a car idling, we have an emotional set point.

Are you convinced that you need to be angry? Are you waiting to be disappointed? Are you walking around, defenses up, waiting for a fight? Is a low level of anxiety and worry your general state of being?

This week whenever you can, remember to ask yourself “what’s driving me emotionally right now”? My advice would be to ask the question BEFORE you reach an emotional peak. Check in when you’re just walking down the street or sitting at your desk. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you’re riding the bus, eating your lunch or brushing your teeth.

The mind is a fantastic story teller and it’s almost always running some sort of narrative in the background. The revelation comes when we begin to actually listen to what the mind is saying and then consciously decide if we want to choose the script that the mind is running. I’d bet you anything that 99% of the time, you’ll decide that what the mind is telling you is not entirely true. Start by being present with your set point. I promise you’ll be surprised.


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