Feeling Lucky?

Feeling LuckyLuck is a funny concept. It has this quality to it that while it seems magical, it ultimately supports the idea that things happen to us. As if there is some outside force that is either punishing or rewarding us arbitrarily.

The way I see it is that luck is actually the synchronous events that occur when we stop resisting the urging of our hearts and souls and allow ourselves to be called in the direction of them. When we stop stubbornly clinging to our old outdated beliefs and step outside of our comfort zone. When we allow what we want and what we need to become the same thing.  That’s when things start to magically align themselves to support us.

Each of us has a unique purpose that we came here to fulfill. I call this the Divine Blueprint. The beauty of this blueprint is that it already knows what it is. We don’t create it so much as allow it to come forth through us. It’s our truth, and only we know what our truth feels like.

So when we (often in spite of our fear and anxiety) get out of our own way and begin to move with the flow of our lives we inevitably find ourselves lifted by it. Luck is the universe’s way of letting us know that we’re moving in the direction of our greatest good. So rather than seeing it as reward being randomly meted out by some judgmental entity, see it as confirmation. When we align with the work that we’ve already agreed to do on a soul level, we are supported in ways that seem impossible, miraculous, and just plain lucky.


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