October 2016 Energy Forecast – The Choice of Identity

October energy is all about you. What do YOU want? Who do YOU think you are? What are YOU willing to allow or draw boundaries around? What story are YOU ready to claim or let go of? You can’t pretend anymore that you don’t know what you know. You can’t pretend you don’t want what you want. So knock it off.

Everything you experience is a choice on some level. All of it is for the growth and evolution of the soul. Accept that the reason for our human experience is to be a vessel for our Divine Self to be expressed through. When we can do this we see that our human identity is completely a choice. Like a costume, we can discard and assume a new self as it serves us.

Understanding that we aren’t just looking for the flow, we ARE the flow. The nature of the flow is that it’s fluid…so chill out and trust that the changes you’re going through are what you need. When you allow what you need to be what you want, that’s when life gets really good.


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