My QHHT Session and The Event

The Lighted Ones Recently I had my second QHHT session with a friend and colleague, Aurelian Rado. His site can be found here.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon, which she developed and refined for more than 30 years in her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients all over the world.

These sessions go much deeper than traditional hypnosis and often times in these sessions a client is able to connect directly with their Higher Self and the personality in effect, steps aside and the Higher Self speaks directly through them. For me, this experience feels much like the sensation I would get when I used to do channeling sessions. I am still, on some level, consciously aware, but it is almost like I am in another room listening to a tv show that someone is watching as my personality self takes a back seat.

Typically in a QHHT session, you come with a list of questions or concerns that you wish to have addressed. I had a few questions for this session, but the big thing on my agenda was that I wanted to know about other lifetimes that I had experienced that were not on Earth. This transcript picks up at the end of the portion where my Higher Self (HS) was showing me several non-human lifetimes I had experienced.

Before the session started, I mentioned to Aurelian (AR) that I had a very strong feeling that the real reason for this session was that my HS had its own agenda and that there was a message that was ready to come through. Boy, was I right! You will see below that my HS quickly took the discussion in the direction of what most of us would refer to as “The Event”.

I have transcribed this portion of the recording verbatim. Fascinating stuff!

AR: Is there anything else that Andrew needs to see?

HS: We are showing him the experience of just being light, and letting him see how pure and how beautiful that is. To just be a frequency. To just be a color or a sound. These are the fundamentals of all experience. These are the fundamentals of all life. It is light. It is color. It is sound. It is vibration and frequency. All of these things can be found in The Source. And we want him to have that experience because it is pure. It is the truth. After all is gone, after the body is gone and the trappings of the human experience are gone, this is what remains. This is the eternal, infinite part. This is what you came from. This is what you are. This is what you will go back to. We want him to feel this so that he can make that connection. And on some level now his conscious mind is aware of this. This is another way to remove the partitions and the firewalls. Once there is a conscious experience of it, it can never be undone. Even though the mind may over time say “oh it was just a dream or it was just a memory” It changes things on a fundamental, cellular level. It creates a transformation. This transformation inspires a shift. A shift is imperceptible to the conscious mind. It happens almost behind the scenes. That perhaps is a tricky way for us to do it, but it is the easiest way. To show the mind that this is why the mind exists. so that this light can be made into form. But that when the mind is gone, the light remains. This is what the inner place feels like.

When we tell you to go within this is where you are going. When we talk about the inner fire or the spark or the light of God. That’s what this is. We just want him to feel it so he can trust it.

(Long Pause during which I had the physical sensation of what it felt like to be formless. What it feels like to be color and sound and light)

This is the experience that is coming. It’s for everyone to have a moment where they feel the truth of their connection to everything. This brief moment will do more for the transformation of this planet than anything. This is what is coming.

AR: Is this what you mentioned that is coming in November?

HS: Yes and beyond. It is the portal that we are in now, starting in 10/10 and there will be a level that will be complete in November. There is another impulse that is coming at the end of the year. Around the 21st of December. Which you know is already a special day. This energetic impulse is really the completion and the beginning. It is the fruit and the seed.

AR: Will everyone feel this?

HS: Yes, in their own way. Some will feel it and it will be stored as a memory until such time as they are able to access is. Some will experience it and think that it was just a moment like a deja vu or a brief moment of dizziness or a flash of something. The conscious mind will try to explain it away and turn it into something else and that does not matter. It doesn’t matter what the mind thinks that it is ultimately. Once that energy has been planted, it is not going anywhere. And for many of you, it will be a much more spectacular experience because your mind and your body and your systems are already prepared for it. So you’ll be able to experience it in a much larger, much larger scale. It will be much more real and you will understand what is happening so you won’t try to explain it away. You will allow it. But yes, this is what you would want to call “The Event”.

AR: So it’s coming this year then?

HS: Yes. But it is funny because everyone has expected it to be as Andrew says “Jesus riding down a rainbow on a unicorn.”  And it very well may be that for you. But for many people it will be like a flashbulb just went off.

AR: How will, if I may, you said this is going to be brief…how brief is this going to be?

HS: It depends on what you are ready for.

AR: Oh, man, c’mon. (laughing)

HS: If you are asleep. If you are a person who knows nothing of spiritual ways, if you are a person who is only focused on your human experience and how much money you can make and how many things that you have. A brief flash is all you would be open to experiencing. Anything else would completely shatter your reality and quite possibly shatter your mind. We are not interested in that.

AR: I understand.

HS: For those of you who are open to it, for those of you who are ready for it and have an understanding that transcends the merely human experience. Who have an understanding that the physical is only ever informed by the non-physical. Your experience of it will be much more pronounced. We have already told you that time is an illusion. You can have an experience of 20 minutes in 1 second. You can have an experience of 3 days in 1 minute. Time is not the issue. The question is: What are you prepared for? The question is: What are you capable of accepting and integrating? The question is: What do you believe is possible? So for some of you, it will be like a twitch, or snap of a finger or a flash. For some of you it will be magical and out of body and ecstatic. For some of you, it will be something in between. So what happens is not important. What is important is to know that it has happened. It is already done. So your experience as always will be what you allow it to be.

AR: I just wish I can make the best of it.

HS: Then you will.

AR: I want to stay within that moment for as long as I can.

HS: Yes But it is like these sessions. There is the impulse and then there is the moment and then there is the return to the conscious, waking life and then over your experience of time the density catches up. So even if it is only a flashbulb that’s all you need. And even just a flashbulb will change everything over time. So as your physical experience catches up to the impulse, it is like when you take a large container of clear water and you put a droplet of food coloring into the water. Over time, and slowly it integrates and the entirety of the water is changed. It does not happen immediately. It takes time. Now from your perspective you may know what this means and you may have an instantaneous experience of what it will mean for you once that dye is integrated into all of your molecules. And for those of you who are not aware of it, you will see a very slow, incremental change. So because you are open to it and you know what is possible, the experience does become instantaneous. But it is no more or less powerful than an experience that happens over linear time.

AR: Because I think we are limited in our way of seeing it here. We don’t see it for what it could be. Or what can be limitless.

HS: Some of you do. Because you are ready to. We cannot ever do anything that would “blow your mind” so to speak, if it is not safe.

AR: True

HS: We want you to survive it! We want it to be a blessing, not a curse.

AR: Thank you. I can’t help but wonder, is this going to happen when we sleep, when we work? Day time or night time?

HS: It depends..

AR: Where you are on the planet?

HS: It depends on where you are on the planet, yes, but if it is better for you to receive it while you are asleep perhaps, for an example, you will fall ill that morning and you will stay home from work and you will sleep through the day. Or perhaps you will be asleep at night and you will suddenly wake up for no reason and you will have an experience. Some of you will experience nothing on a conscious level because there is no resistance to it, so it passes right through you. So you don’t need the miraculous experience for it to occur, because you are beyond that. Now, we know you all want to see flashes in the sky and some of you will.

But as we have been saying over and over and over like broken records, just because you do not see flashes in the sky, does not mean it hasn’t occurred.

AR: Yes. Meanwhile, we should just stay in the space of wonder.

HS: Yes. Be open to receive.

AR: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. So as a result of this, we will be able to integrate that bigger part of ourselves?

HS: Yes.

AR: And we will be able to communicate with that part of ourselves easier?

HS: Yes.

AR: I can’t wait.

HS: And for those of you who have no clear connection to your other selves, it will be a very small beginning. And for those of you who are aware of your other selves and have begun to integrate and merge with them already, it will be a much different experience. But everyone gets exactly what they need. Exactly what they are ready for. Exactly what they are capable of. Nothing else is possible. Because we still cannot override free will.

AR: So this is going to be something that…I know it sounds silly, but will this be publicized at all?

HS: Not in the way that there will be a news story about the flash of Love energy that’s coming to the planet on December 21st. But, you will start to hear about it and you will start to read about it in the normal ways that you read and hear about these things. And there might be certain things that occur on the planet, because, again, anything that is less than this vibration cannot stand. So there may be experiences of systems going off line, or of things going haywire, or of strange things occurring

“Oh wow, that seems strange that was almost miraculous. Wasn’t that funny? I don’t know what happened. Let’s go have dinner and see what’s on tv.”

So for many of you it will just be another blip in the system. For many of you, it will change everything.

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