The 2016 Solstice and Beyond

In many ways the year of 2016 seemed to be about restriction. So many of you have experienced the sense of being held back or fenced in. Others have experienced the sense of being completely lost. It has often times been frustrating as you couldn’t make progress in the way that you thought you should be able to. The truth is, that while these energy downloads are always of love and compassion, they aren’t here for your convenience, or your comfort, or to allow you to remain complacent. They have a very specific agenda and mission. Your choice of how you interface with these energies has always been exactly that: Your choice.

This past year was an opportunity for you to delve into your inner landscapes in a more profound way than you ever have in this lifetime. It was not the intention to limit you outright, for you are limitless creators. However, the energies that have been moving in and arranging themselves to prepare for the transition into the new year have been of a very specific frequency. This frequency has not allowed for the grand fears, illusions and lies you have carried thus far on your journey to follow you into 2017. Much like the restrictions placed on your carry-on luggage. If it doesn’t fit within a certain size requirement, then it won’t be allowed on. So too, if the energetic and emotional frequencies aren’t of a specific oscillation, then they won’t able to be carried forward into the new year.

You have re-discovered the truth that as a human you are always creating from your emotional/energetic state. Your willingness to claim responsibility and accountability for your creations is required if you are to move into a higher state of awareness. To knowingly continue to create from fear, anger, and illusion is not only irresponsible, it is a pattern of behavior that is incompatible with frequencies beyond the 3rd and 4th density.

You simply must contend with your own state of being and bring it to a certain level of awareness before it can unify with the energetic environment that is waiting to receive it. 

There are specific markers and frequencies within all of you that are only able to unlock themselves when the energetic environment of Mother Earth/Gaia supports them. As the frequencies have relentlessly poured in over the past 12 months, the environment on Earth/Gaia has shifted. As it shifted, it sent a signal to your inner/higher/divine selves that it was time to unlock and to begin integration into your physical form. Once the outer world was in support of this, then you were able to proceed to the next level. This may seem contrary to the understanding that your inner world creates your outer world. You may be wondering how this is possible when we consistently tell you that the outer world is only a manifestation of the inner one. In this case, we are talking about the fact that Earth/Gaia has been going through Her own ascension as well. As She has gone through Her soul process to integrate the higher energies and shed the lower ones, Her outer world has shifted to reflect that inner work.

You, The Collective, as an outer manifestation of what Earth/Gaia has been going through are now able to work with frequencies that support you in becoming congruent with the 5th Dimension and higher.  As the foundation of your physical experience (Earth/Gaia) shifted into a higher octave, so too were you then able to merge with that level of awareness.

You have heard from us and from many other sources that nobody is left behind. That is absolutely true. For those among you who perhaps aren’t ready to move on to a different level of awareness, this energetic impulse will be like a download stored in the cloud. When your systems are ready to download the higher program, you will. You will have the experience of it in your awareness when you’ve reached a point that allows you to merge with the energy signature of that experience.

Many of you have been moving in and out of the 4th and 5th dimensions for years. It is now a level of density that you are able to inhabit for longer and longer periods of time successfully. Consider that the bouncing around to different levels of awareness has been your acclimation training. If you decided to climb Mt. Everest, you wouldn’t just put on a backpack and a pair of boots and climb it today. You’d have months of preparation and training to allow your physical vessel to exist in a climate that is in many ways completely foreign to you. Moving up the spiral ladder into the higher frequencies is the same. It takes time and marked progress for your physical density to transition into one that can thrive in the new energetic environment.

The work you have undertaken (for the most part) up to this point has been for the physical self and all of its aspects. Your body needed to be transformed to be able to run the crystalline levels of light. Your mind/ego needed deliberate, consistent, exposure to the truth of who you are and the world in which you live in order to accept it. Your emotional/personality selves went through an immense clean up/clear out program. The healing and releasing and purging and surrendering has seemed endless. All of this has been to prepare the physical self for the deeper union with the soul self. As you continue to merge with your soul and remember these truths you will experience additional adjustments and attunements. 

You have now moved into the passage where the transformation of your self occurs. This transformation is where the soul and the human self merge and balance. This is not about healing your personality/identity or your emotional fields. In fact, the energies that you are currently moving through are bypassing the levels of personality/identity and emotion altogether. The transformation of these levels is best served by working completely outside of them. These energies are calibrated to work with you directly at the level of your energy field. They are here to re-form and re-write your field and in turn transform the levels of personality/identity and emotion almost instantaneously. It is intended that during this phase of transformation you will lose much of the personality/identity and old emotional attachments. To the mind/ego this is a terrifying thing that feels like a death. Without the limited personality/identity of you as merely a human, the mind doesn’t really exist. The mind has been exalted in your culture for centuries, so consider that it has a lot at stake. You have been slowly reorienting yourselves to getting out of the head so you can be led by the Heart. This is the way of the New Earth.

You may find yourself asking why do you need to lose the identity/personality? The role of the person you play in this lifetime is finite, and you are in truth infinite. There is a beginning and an ending to this lifetime. Even if you live for a 1000 years, you will still at some point shed the skin of your current incarnation. Identity is merely a collection of ideas. Consider for a moment: Where did the collection of ideas that you hold up as your identity come from? When did you decide to accept them as true? When was the last time you edited your collection of ideas? Who, exactly gets to decide who you are anyway? Do you agree with the identity that is currently being sold as you? We know without question that many of you have never really stopped to ask these questions. We also know that when you do begin to ask these questions, you will find that your current identity is not at all who you really are. In truth, when you lose a layer of identity/personality you are not losing anything that was real or that truly belonged to you in the first place.

Each and every definition that you claim for yourself is in some way a limitation. Some of these limitations are necessary to continue your human experience, but many of them are nothing but dead weight. This phase of transformation is calling you to release as many limitations as you are able. Energetically you are being “unplugged” while this transformation occurs. This may mean that you find yourself feeling flat, uninspired, tired, confused, sad, angry, upset, lost, anxious, uninterested or any number of emotional expressions. This is yet another reboot of your systems and as the year draws to a conclusion, you will find yourself slowly being reconnected.

This is all to invite you to leave as much on the floor of 2016 as you can! Let it go! Burn it down! Let it unravel! Pull the loose threads! Chuck it in the bin! The only reason you are ever asked to give anything up is because you don’t require it any longer. You certainly no longer need to cling in fear. For fear is just another trick of the mind. The tyrant desperately trying to maintain his elevated position even as he is watching his tower crumble around him. The past few years have not been easy on your mind. Be compassionate with the poor beast, for it has had a rude awakening! Where it once believed that it commanded all that it surveyed, it now finds itself grappling with the truth that it is nothing more than a servant to the Light. To the Heart.

2017 is a year in which anything is possible. We mean this in the truest sense. You will find your abilities for co-creation and manifestation operating at levels that will delight and amaze you! So as you stand before this year of pure potential as your limitations continue to fall away, we invite you to celebrate this experience! Celebrate the return of the Light! You have become so adept at swimming with your shadows and your darkness, remembering how to shine your light in the face of even the most terrifying of illusions! Chase those demons down and kiss them and hug them with all of your might! Thank them for being such incredible stewards for your light and your power while you were remembering how to use them. Allow yourself to detach from your worn out ideas of who you are. Let the limitations of your small, singular, human self be replaced by the knowing of yourselves as multi-dimensional beings. You exist far beyond the definition of a “3D Earth Human”. You are emerging now as “Divine, Multidimensional, Galactic, Humans”. This is an identity which has been in process for many lifetimes. You are emerging as an expression that has never existed in this way, in this time, on this planet, in this galaxy, before now. The more you are willing to leave behind the worn out programs, the lighter and more buoyant you will be as you enter 2017. This is the year you will begin to harvest all that you have been planting. Believe us when we say that if you think the ride has been exciting since 2012, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In love and Light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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