Healed or Hanging On?

Sometimes the biggest hurdle on the path to healing is the surrendering of the story about still needing to be healed.
The story of needing to be healed at all only exists within the mind. Spontaneous healing is possible on all levels.
The body is hardwired with the ability to heal itself. When we allow ourselves to consistently and deliberately connect to our true selves and reside in the energy of our true state, we unlock our innate capacity for healing and wholeness.
We have been programmed for thousands of years that we are powerless to heal ourselves. We have been taught that we need someone outside of us to do the work for us.
This shift back to our natural state takes place entirely in the mind.

It takes intentional focus to reconnect with our native abilities to heal. Are you allowing your mind to continue to convince you and your body that you’re broken and in need of healing?
The mind only seeks what it already knows. It only seeks what it knows because it thinks it can control the outcome that way. The mind doesn’t care if you’re happy as long as you exist within the comfort zone of what it thinks is possible.
The mind will always aspire to tell the story of being broken as long as that story is predictable, knowable, and controllable.
Even if that comfort zone requires you to be sick and broken, the mind will always choose that over the unknown.
The mind never chooses to step outside the cave of its history, for it is certain that death will follow.
The mind never chooses the unknown path, the unknown is the realm of the heart.
Staying in pain, illness, victimhood, and fear is always preferable to the mind over taking a leap of faith into the void.

Yes, the body needs healing at times. Yes, there are moments in our life when we must mentally and emotionally heal.
At some point the last step to healing can only be taken when we are finally willing to let go of the story of needing to be healed.
So, ask yourself as you move across the threshold of 2017: Do you really still need to heal? Or do you just need to let go of the story that allows you to stay in a perpetual state of being broken?


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