Being Vulnerable Allows Us to Receive

Andrew MartinHistorically we have been taught that vulnerability (which is a powerful frequency rooted in the Divine Feminine) is a sign of weakness and therefore a bad thing. The imbalanced masculine energy of the patriarchy is hobbling along on its last legs.

The balance of Masculine/Feminine energy has rooted itself into our energy field and so we are all being called to find that balance within ourselves. The ability to open ourselves up emotionally and energetically is what allows us to receive. Defensiveness, aggression, competition, etc. are all rooted in fear.

Fear vibrates at such a low level that it shuts us off from being in receiving mode. The things you want in life can’t be yours if you’re not open to receive them. So its understandable why you would be afraid to open yourself up, but know that at some point in order to move forward and receive, you must open up.

When you find yourself feeling blocked or stuck, ask to be shown a way that you can shift your perspective to one that is more open. It takes practice to remember how to open up our centers of reception. Yet, like anything else in our lives, with deliberate focus and intention, it can be re-learned. The fear is not only the illusion, it’s also the block. Face it and watch it begin to crumble away as the things you desire start to instantly flow to you.


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