Your Healing is Not The End

enlightenmentHealing is not the end, it is the beginning.

A spiritual journey often starts with a single moment of awakening that rattles our cage and snaps us into awareness. Then we enter a phase of withdrawing from everything we know to be true. A massive self inventory and self inquiry must occur. We go within and examine every last shred of who we have been and discover the deeper truth of who we are. Discarding what is no longer in resonance and clarifying that which is as the old self destructs.

Eventually we reach the state of being healed or integrated which in essence is simply a return to our natural state of wholeness. This return to wholeness requires the integration of the knowledge that we are more than “just human”. We must accept the knowledge that we are an infinite spark having a finite experience. We accept that while death occurs, it is not the end.

So often we achieve this level of awareness and proceed as if we are complete and free. Resting on our laurels, feeling satisfied with all we have achieved. At some point though we must leave the inner plane of self and re-enter the world at large to put our knowledge to action. If we truly believe that all are one, that unity is the truth, then unity or wholeness within ourselves is just the beginning. If we truly believe that we are all connected then none of us are free until all of us are free. If you say “I am enlightened, but he is not”, then in truth neither of you are enlightened, because none of us are enlightened until all of us are enlightened.

As healers, shamans, lightworkers, magicians, starseeds and intuitives, we did not come here to stand in separation from the collective. If that is the case then we may as well isolate ourselves and spend our remaining days living alone in a cave. Spiritual understanding and knowledge are useless if they are not put into action, and they must be put into action outside of our spiritual communities. We did not come here to sit in our towers, cut off from the rest of the world, preaching to the choir. We came here to connect and engage. We came to break down walls and smash dogma. We came here to shatter the systems of control and separation. We came here to help humanity rediscover its innate sovereignty. We can’t do that sitting on the sidelines.

The inner unification and healing of self is crucial, but if it doesn’t act as a model to show and teach others how to do the same for themselves then it is pointless. If we believe that our journey of healing ends with us, then it has all been done in service of the ego. If this is the case then we have not truly healed at all.

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