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Andrew Martin I am in London sitting at Starbucks. It’s funny how I avoid Starbucks at home, but when I am abroad they bring a sense of familiarity and predictability that is comforting. Even as I was taking a taxi from the airport into the city yesterday, I found myself a bit bothered by how homogenized our world has become. Yet here I am having my gigantic iced coffee, sitting in a shop that could just as easily be in San Francisco, Paris, or NYC.  But I digress. There’s a deeper purpose for me being in London aside from simply being here to teach. I can’t say that I entirely understand what the point of my visit is, and that’s ok. At this point in the game, my standard mode of operation is trusting my experience without the need to question or know the why.  As long as it feels like the right direction, that’s enough for me.   

There are huge dots being connected for me suddenly. I may not have the big picture, but I am sharing the pieces that I have with the intention to illuminate and highlight. This morning I had the plan of enjoying another day of playing tourist, but as I sat here writing in my morning journal, the message came through loud and clear that it would be of great service to share this info first. So here goes.

Another level of limitation is peeling off. This layer of lightening is opening up a higher level of awareness for us. As always, those who are still locked in the fear story will not readily access this new frequency. It’s available to all, but only if we’re ready to acknowledge it. It’s akin to a door suddenly being unlocked but being so focused on the tunnel vision perspective of the dense 3D experience that you aren’t aware the door is unlocked or that the door even exists in the first place. I’ve been getting the message a lot lately that “The experiment of limitation is over.” Much of the experiment of the 3D Earth School was based on the question “How much limitation can we place upon an infinite being and still have it thrive and grow”? The results of that experiment are in and now we know. As the parameters of the experience collapse we are set free. Along with this the manipulations that were allowed to exist in the free will environment of the 3D School are also dissolving. Yet many people will continue to be confused and terrified by this freedom and will want to run back to and cling to the limitation of the dense environment of the experiment. We really have had a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with our limitation. We’ve learned how to survive in extreme struggle and suffering and many just aren’t ready to or even believe that moving beyond it is possible. Some still believe they have to wait for it to be granted to them.

It seems to be connected to the upcoming Solstice in some way. I’ve always found solstices and equinoxes to be save points. Kind of like in the video game when you have a place where you save all of your progress. This current lift of frequency seems to be on par with the immensity of what opened up back in 2012. I know the acceleration that happened back in September was a precursor to this. The message I shared about the bifurcation that was coming through this month started to clarify things even more. Now suddenly as we are approaching the Solstice there’s a quickening. It’s not lost on me the timing of my trip and the fact that I am visiting Stonehenge and Avebury tomorrow, a mere week before the Solstice. My 2017 energy forecast “Magicians in the Matrix” now seems to be taking on a whole new meaning. Also, no surprise that that’s the focus of the lecture and workshop I am doing this weekend at “The College of Psychic Studies” here in London

I’ve noticed people going through another huge round of physical symptoms. It’s interesting how we continue to see our experiences become more and more unique and specific in terms of how we respond to these energies but there’s still the big picture experience of it being very physical in general at the moment. Personally I have experienced the vertigo come back in flashes here and there. I know now that this is how my body responds to rapidly moving in and out of different dimensions of density. It’s a quick bit of motion sickness as I shift in and out of timelines and awareness. I’ve had tremendous aches and pains again. A week or so ago I woke up and my entire body was sore. Literally from the top of my head (intense pressure around the crown and behind my eyes) to the bottoms of my feet. I have never experienced the bottoms of my feet being so sore! As if I had walked miles barefoot the day before. Time and my perception of reality has gone completely elastic, Unless I am anchored to a specific time and place (like a scheduled appointment or marker like paying rent on the first of the month) I am in a state of fluidity like I’ve never experienced before. To put it into words seems almost impossible, but it’s now effortless for me to bring the fullness of my self(ves) into focus in any given moment, The best way to describe it is that when I am fully focused in any moment, I feel magnetic. Not figuratively, but literally it’s what I imagine the physical experience of magnetism must be like. Calling things into form seems easier than ever. I have stopped using the term “manifestation” because the implication for me seems to be that when something is manifested it is still being “granted” to me by some outside force. The terms “calling into form” and “actualizing” feel more appropriate. I am the one doing the creating. There is no separation from that which I seek, It’s only required for me to magnetize it to me. I’ll give you an example.

I’ve had this London trip planned for the past 8 months or so, and it was only a week and a half ago that I bought my ticket. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy my ticket. I started looking online a few weeks ago and tickets were $1200+ and those weren’t even direct flights. As I was looking for tickets, I intuitively knew that I didn’t need to worry about it, and that it wasn’t yet time for me to buy it. Of course my mind had another story to tell. “Andrew, you are STUPID”! it said “They are only going to get more expensive!! You need to buy it NOW”! Still, I trusted my gut, closed my laptop, and put off the ticket purchase for another day. It was nearing the end of May and ticket prices continued to rise, By the time I decided I was going to buy it, prices were $1400 and up. Direct flights were closer to $1600. Finally I was prepared to buy my ticket, but realized that a large deposit hadn’t yet cleared my account and that it was going to be Monday the 6th of June before I could make the purchase. My mind was panicked. “OH MY GOD! THE TICKET IS GOING TO BE LIKE $2000, YOU IDIOT”!!! I admit even I was finding my resolve a bit shaken. Though at this point I had no choice but to trust as I simply didn’t yet have the money on hand.

I’ve been doing a lot of work around clearing old suffering and adversity programs from my self(ves) lately and one of the lessons has been the reclamation of sovereignty. Not just from a theoretical place, but really reclaiming it. Living in the knowing that I am a being who has created worlds. That my power is immeasurable . Now that I’ve started remembering how to do it, creation of my experience is really quite simple. So, Saturday afternoon I had a moment of clarity and said “Wait…I am not going to pay $1600 for a ticket! I want a non-stop ticket for less than $1000. Period”.

A large part of the past few weeks has been merging with my team very profoundly.  I’ve seen my relationship with them shift dramatically. Sitting in the place of sovereignty has brought them to me in a new way. They are now my advisors, my assistants, and my helpers. No longer am I being led forward by them, they are now available 24/7 to me to serve me in my experience in whatever capacity I require. We are all on the same team, working for the same company (to use a phrase from my friend Rosanne) and I am the field agent. I am the one who agreed to be the boots on the ground in the form of Andrew and so basically whatever I need to support me as I serve my purpose is what will come into form. This bit is key: Once we’ve said yes to our purpose, and are congruent with it, pretty much what we can have and do is limitless when it supports us in the service of said purpose.

So as I gave my order for a ticket and the parameters for it, I trusted that it would be there. Of course, my mind was writhing in agony at the thought of an almost $2000 ticket, but at this point, I’ve gotten fairly good at proceeding in spite of his Chicken Little routine. Monday morning I logged on and was looking at tickets out of JFK and Laguardia. Still the prices were $1600+ for round trip. Then I got the nudge to switch my departing airport to Newark. I clicked the button to amend my search and there it was. Right in front of me was a roundtrip, non stop, ticket for $1000. It wasn’t exactly what I asked for, but close enough! I bought the ticket, using my PayPal account to pay for it and guess what? Unbeknownst to me, the night before I had received a $300 donation from an anonymous person (thank you!) via the donation button on my site. I hadn’t yet  checked my email that morning, otherwise I would have seen the notification for the donation. So in the end, the nonstop roundtrip ticket to London purchased a WEEK before my departure cost me $700. I share this story as an example of the potential these energies hold in allowing us to access a place of not just knowing we are sovereign creators but in returning to and BE-ing sovereign.

So, back to the weird physical stuff of the past few weeks. I had a friend text me the other day saying he was laid out. He felt like it was the flu. Low grade fever, body aches, and pain. Just this morning I got another message from him saying he had been shown in meditation his connection to the God self, that he felt like this is what his physical cleanse had been related to. I’ve seen many examples of people going through huge physical shifts again. Suddenly feeling repulsed by animal protein or spontaneously feeling the need to consume animal protein after not having eaten it for years. Sudden onslaughts of various physical illnesses. Huge swings in energy, sleep patterns and emotional states. I gave up coffee months ago and traded it in for black tea because my body was NOT happy with coffee. The past few weeks my body has absolutely demanded coffee again. After months of no meat and very little eggs/dairy again my body is again asking for dense doses of animal protein. I got a message from a colleague last night asking about whether or not I had experienced major throat issues (laryngitis, sore throats, coughs, etc) because she had been seeing many people going through this and the connection was made that on a massive scale, healers, visionaries, etc are going through another round of activation. Whenever we are experiencing something very physically it is usually evidence that we are anchoring in huge influxes of frequency shift. The physical experience is always the last stop on the energy train. By the time it coalesces into our physical reality it’s already been on its way to us for a while.

In last month’s Soul Expansion calls, mid month things took a dramatic turn. May’s calls started off with the theme “Embodying the Light” This was connected in large part to info that was coming from the Arcturians. There was a lovely light body meditation that I was given. I thought the calls were going to be all happening on the energetic levels and assumed it was going to be a bit like a walk in the energetic park. Suddenly around the 2nd or 3rd week things got much more intense and started moving in the direction of clearing out programs on not only the mental and emotional levels but cellularly as well. It was about removing deeply imbedded programs within the human vessel that were related to the way we’ve been built to, and have evolved by learning and growing through suffering and adversity. The messages that were coming through were supporting the work I had personally been doing. The message was that part of the deal of the human experience has been that we were DESIGNED to learn through suffering and adversity. It was biologically programmed into us. No matter how  adept we’ve become at mentally, energetically and emotionally pulling ourselves out of the mire of lower density, there was still the cellular, biological, program that needed to be overwritten in order to fully untether ourselves from it.

In the June calls things have really ramped up. The first two calls have seen the activation of the Merkaba for the groups, continued overwriting of the suffering programs, and last week was about the re-merging with the Source Field. The infinite field of Love/Light was woven through and around the self(ves) as the re-introduction and reclamation of our sovereignty began. I know I am not the only worker currently doing this work and that it’s being done in many ways by many people.

I feel this is really opening us up to have a spectacular finish to 2017. The leaps that we are getting ready to take are going to be monumental, and intensity will be the order of the day. Before you disempower yourself with a groan of “OH, GOD! Not again, WHEN WILL IT BE OVER?!?” Remember the answer: It’s never over. You’re infinite. Get used to it.

For those of us who are doing the work, the intensity will be joyful in the sense that limitation is increasingly minimal. The sky’s the limit. Consider the huge growth spurts we experience around age 3-4 and again when puberty starts. Remember the huge leaps in your late teens early 20’s when you struck out on your own? All of theses periods are intense in terms of rapid growth and development and the next 6 months are going to be the same. Intensity for those still opposed to their truth or at odds with their experience will most likely not be pleasant. How could it be pleasant when you still believe you’re powerless and are suffering as life happens TO you?

We are not so much at a choice point as we are being catapulted to a more intense version of the life we’ve already chosen. The dots continue to be connected and things come into focus more and more as layers of limitation keep dissolving. The bifurcation of realities is like when you mix vinegar and oil. At first they are muddled and mixed up, but over time they separate. Eventually you have two distinct layers existing perfectly side by side. Connected and moving in concert but each with their own specific qualities and locality. This is a perfect illustration of how we can all be living on the same planet but each having a very different experience simultaneously.

For the next few weeks enjoy yourself as much as you able. Follow your highest expression. Live in the truth that a choice is always being made. Either consciously, unconsciously or superconsciously, you have chosen your experience as a catalyst for your transformation. Ascension and the liberation of humanity are inevitable and believe it or not, the ability to have a life that feels like paradise can be yours starting now.

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