2017 Energy Update – The Super Cell Energy Wave

Andrew MartinI don’t think I have ever done a mid year energy update. However the energy of the past 6 weeks has been so powerful and the shifts so profound, I clearly got the memo this morning that this was what I was being asked to do. The core of this message came in this past Sunday on the Soul Expansion call. They have morphed into an amazing container for new insights and information to come through. 

Lately it has felt like we are being pushed, pulled, bombarded, expanded, contracted, opened up and squeezed tightly all at once! The process of energetic expansion and integration used to be quite linear. The energies would come in at the non-physical levels of self. They would stir the pot and activate us at the higher levels of cognition. Then they would start to slow down and move into our mental and emotional planes. Finally they would settle into the body and we would go through the physical experience of the upgrades and activations and the cycle would start over again. It was an experience that while intense, was at least a bit predictable. The phases of energy influxes were context that lent some deeper understanding to the chaos. This year it seems, more than ever, the patterns and cycles that held us in a progression of the journey we call ascension in linear time have moved beyond the illusion of an experience of point A to point B. It is bringing us to the singular experience of all of it being Now. We are getting the gale force of this energy hurricane without much of a heads up. It arrives fully formed and activates us at all levels simultaneously. As the separations between our internal levels of reality (mind, body, emotions, energies) continue to dissolve, we expand and contain it in it’s entirety all at once.

Since the New Moon, Solstice, and Full Moon sandwich of June we have gone into a hyperdrive corridor of acceleration moving us towards the end of the calendar year. This means a lot of things for a lot of people. It has been very intense for many of us, myself included!

The realities we are building an experience within already exist. They always have. We’re just allowing ourselves access to them through our own individual willingness to do what we’re inspired/nudged/prompted/pulled/pushed/guided to do. It’s like we’re on an epic cross-country journey. All of us moving towards the same destination. The destination (in this case the New Earth experience) already exists and we’re each getting there in our own way. The more of us that consciously join the migration from the old 3D experience to the higher octaves of consciousness, the more “real” the new becomes. Our curiosity, attention, intention, and action to bridge the gap from our denser reality to the clearer, more crystalline one is what breathes life into it.

Collectively we are drawing away from the lower timelines. We’ve been in this bifurcation phase more rapidly since September. The analogy that I like best to explain this is it’s like mixing vinegar and oil in a bottle. At first it’s muddied and chaotic. Over time the two naturally separate because of their different densities. They exist in the same container at the same time and place, yet the less dense one occupies a higher level of placement in the bottle. The most interesting part of this mixture is where the two layers make contact. This is the sticking point where the most tension lies. It’s at this point where the movement of two layers away from one another is the strongest. When we let go and surrender to our process we naturally move from a denser layer of reality to a lighter one. When we are in resistance and control mode we are forcing ourselves downward into a denser layer. This takes a lot more energy. Literally when we just unclench and allow, we naturally float to the lighter layer. As a collective, we are at this contact point currently. That’s why this separation often feels like trying to peel apart two layers of industrial strength velcro. Rrrrrrrrrrip!!

The higher octave only needs our willingness and trust to move into it. However the lower density (which is the illusion built on fear, separation, anger, etc.) requires our attention and focus to exist. We don’t need the fear but the fear needs us. Without our attention to breathe life into it, it’s like a balloon that is deflating. The illusion requires our participation to stay viable. The more of us that unplug from the matrix of control, the weaker and more unstable it becomes. This creates the experience of a chaotic, volatile, reality as these old structures keep crumbling. For those of us who have been the forerunners and way showers of this experience it has often seemed tedious and like we would never get here. The collapse of the old can only happen in direct proportion to how many of us there are anchored in the new. The more of us that stand as pillars to support the new realities, the stronger and more stable they become. It’s like moving the sand from one side of the scale to another a single grain at a time. Can you imagine the shit show that would have taken place if it hadn’t been a measured progression like is has been? This experience is for all by all. Everyone gets a seat at the table and that’s meant that those of us who have been moving along a bit more rapidly we’ve had to wait for others to catch up. Now the tipping point has been reached. Enough of us are anchored in the higher experience now and the acceleration of the old timelines being overwritten is speeding up. 

The distinction between the primary (internal) reality and the secondary (external) reality is becoming more pronounced as we move out of the externally controlled 3D hologram. The more we move into our primary reality and use that info/insight/energy as our foundation the faster things shift in the secondary experience. Some of us are making this cross-country journey on foot taking our time, and some of us are making it on a high speed train. Others have decided that they’re gonna make this journey outside of the Earth experience and will continue it from another place and time.

The freer we become from the density the more unique our experience within these energies becomes. Each of us with our specific energy signature begins to interface with the field of infinite potential with more individual precision. Your experience becomes more distinctly “you”. As we clarify our own truth (only you know what truth feels like) we align more deeply with our own divine purpose. As we begin to assert our frequency with more clarity our tone becomes clearer. We all have our own note to play in this grand symphony of all that is. Can you imagine an orchestra of 7 billion instruments all coming from distortion and confusion? That’s a pretty chaotic concert. Slowly, over time, we’ve been finding our own internal guidance which helps us find the pitch and key that is right for us. The orchestra is tuning up and the music is getting clearer and more spectacular with each moment.

This means yet another (I know, I know) round of big shifts and changes. As always it’s relative to where we are in our own experience of untethering from our lower experience. For me personally it has meant several things. I’m currently working on creating courses with the methods and tools I have built over the past 5 years of my private practice. It’s amazing to see these concepts and ideas coming together as a collection. I am no longer using these tools in the way that I was with my private clients, so it is time to let them move to a bigger platform. I am focusing on new projects and what once was the corner stone of my practice is now ready to take on a new life in the form of online courses. This has also prompted me to stop booking private sessions until further notice.

When I moved back to NYC in April, my private clients went from 10-15 in a week to 5-10 a month! At first I totally freaked out, trying to go into control and “fix” what my mind perceived to be a problem. It quickly became clear that I hadn’t done anything wrong, it was just my purpose calling me in a new direction. So I started to focus more on my Soul Expansion groups. Since the decision to move away from one-on-one sessions had already been made by default, I made it official and deactivated my booking calendar. Literally the minute I did that, I could feel the redirection of my energy opening up new and exciting areas. Since then, the Soul Expansion calls have taken off like wild fire. I have also started a new project. I’ve known for a couple of years that at some point, I would begin to include a focus on the gay community in my work. I didn’t know how or when, and the time was never right until now. I have started a new project entitled “The Gay Thing” and it feels very exciting and vibrant to me.

All of these new directions were calling me, and the only thing that was keeping them from expanding was my resistance to moving away from the familiarity of what I had been doing. Again, when Spirit is calling me away from my comfort zone, life becomes more and more uncomfortable until I say “OK”, surrender, and let it carry me to the next experience. 

Around July 4th the Sirius Portal opened up which was a slingshot of energy. This points us towards the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th and then the solar eclipse on August 21st. Not a month later we have the Equinox. This is opening up a potential for huge shifts within all of us. The solar eclipse is considered to be a big reset. Just like when you have downloaded new operating software and need to reboot your computer. It goes dark for a second as it configures and installs the new info, then it restarts and the light comes back on. Right now we are upgrading our operating systems in a major way. We are releasing a LOT as a collective right now. Much of it is physical because it is now the physical structures (government, systems of control, willful lies, and coverups) that are collapsing. As it always moves, the non-physical shifts (thoughts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, etc) happen first and then the denser physical stuff follows. As we clear physical, cellular, stuff, it always uncovers more truth. We’re deleting old files from our hard drive and are opening up more room for the new data.

So from now until the end of the year (yep, pretty much the next 6 months are like a “super cell” energy wave) self care, trust in self, and moving slowly are the key. We’re all being called to align with the revised timelines we have been creating since September so this means big changes for all of us. I feel that we are going to see huge revelations begin open up over the next 18 months or so.  Allow yourself to be carried by these currents, but stay connected to your center. That’s how the surfer manages the big waves, she knows how to stay anchored in her core. When things are moving as swiftly as they are now, the mind often tries to keep up. It’s like trying to outrun a bolt of lightning. It’s not that action and movement won’t be a part of it, because they will. It’s that any action which isn’t inspired by the primary reality is a waste of time. The way to keep up is by slowing down. Anchor yourself into the present. Tune into your internal source connection. FEEL your truth. As the energy moves through you, whatever is for you will activate you in whatever way is appropriate. As it opens up within you let it show you what it is. Watch it and allow it. Experience it and let things move through you. Stay in your truth. Feel it and accept in whatever way you are guided. Then let it go.

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