The Journey is the Payoff

andrew martin energy It’s understandable that we want the payoff. For thousands of years, we’ve been trained to experience life through the limited lens of the mind. The life of the limited mind is based upon external reward and validation. It doesn’t see itself as whole, so it is always looking for the “other” to complete it. It is always pushing to cross the finish line because to die without having won is the greatest fear of the mind. The irony is that no matter how many times we win it will never be satisfied. It can’t be. The life of the mind is an endless state of suffering because it doesn’t understand that it will never be completed by its constant desire to win. It doesn’t understand it is merely a finite blip in an infinite story.

The life of the soul is an entirely different experience. The soul is riding the wave of eternal fractal expression. The expression that expands through all experience. The soul is here simply for the joy of experiencing. The soul has chosen the journey of itself as you through which to know itself. The soul speaks the subtle languages. It calls in nudges and prompts. It communicates through vibration, energy, and light. The inner nudge of the soul isn’t prompting you onward for the promise of a payoff. It’s prompting you to begin showing up consciously in your journey. The prompts don’t go anywhere until you awaken. They keep showing up in unique and unexpected ways until you finally rise to the occasion. Then, once you have risen to meet your self, the level of awareness rises again as the journey continues. It is the infinite chorus that sings through us all.

The journey is the whole point. It’s what puts the payoff in context. Without the journey, the payoff is just a meaningless trophy in a case that sits collecting dust. The moment the payoff has been received, the mind discards it in pursuit of the next achievement and on it goes. The discovery about who you are through your journey is what makes the payoff valuable. It’s an infinite spiral up the ladder of consciousness. The journey is the reason. The concepts of winning, losing, success, and failure are meaningless to the soul. The soul knows it has succeeded just by showing up.


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