Observation Invites Stillness

andrew martin energy When shit is going down and you find yourself in the thick of it, simply become aware and observe.

When you’re caught up in the drama and panic sets in, simply become aware and observe.

When you’re lost or uncertain and you feel like it’s all falling apart, simply become aware and observe.

Observe your circumstances like you’re watching a movie.

Observe your thoughts. What’s the narrative currently running through your head?

Observe your body. Where are you feeling tight and constricted?

Observe your breath. Is it panicked and shallow? Or is it deep and measured?

Observe the energy in and around you. What’s the vibe right now?

Going into observer mode isn’t about avoiding things. It’s about pulling back for a minute and allowing yourself to see a wider perspective. Simply by observing something we change it. And by changing the way we are observing something we can change it again.

Going into observation mode allows us just for a moment to stop thrashing and let the waters go still. Even if it’s only for a split second, let the stillness in. The magic of the stillness is that it holds the clarity we seek.


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