How Unbecoming

I don’t heal anyone. My job is to hold up the version of self that Love sees: The whole, perfected, thriving, healthy, happy, Infinite Self. This is the truth of who we are. We are not unworthy, suffering at the hands of some vengeful deity who demands we crawl begging for forgiveness. We are not broken, or damaged, or inadequate or born of sin. We are free, sovereign, Divine beings.
Your work is to unravel and surrender all that is not in alignment with your Divine Self. My job is to hold up the reflected version of self that Love sees so that you may know where your work lies. Consider it to be like mud on a mirror. The false beliefs that we hold up as truth are the things that block the purest reflection of our selves. Our task is to wipe the mirror clean of the mud so that the True Self can shine through. Through our inner work we create a space for the True Self to emerge. The work that we do on our selves via our inner landscape is our responsibility. We can be shown the door, we can be directed to the path, and only we can decide we are ready to embark on the journey back to self. The only way to re-connect with the True Self is through Love of self. We must learn to treat our deepest shadows with the same Love and acceptance that we treat the brightest aspects of self. 
I don’t heal anyone. I show my clients the path to that which they seek and it is their job to embark on that path. I show my clients the reflection of their Divine Self. Only they can decide to embrace that reflection as truth. Nobody can do the work for you. That responsibility lies squarely in your hands. That is why you are here. That is why we came. To remember the truth of who we really are. We are not becoming that which we are so much as we are unbecoming that which we have never been.

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