The Most Important Questions

The intensity of the past few weeks has stripped away more layers of limitation. It has been often times confusing, disappointing, frustrating, and emotionally painful. As bewildering as it has been, it has also given us a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the power and the depth of our emotional bodies. The Divine Feminine has slowly and steadily been increasing her intense focus, inviting us to dive more deeply into our internal, hidden, spaces. We have been re-tuning ourselves to listen to the subtle voice of our emotional self. Can you hear the questions that she has for you? How do you really feel about the choices you have made? How closely aligned are you to your original intentions? Where are you still avoiding or ignoring your truth? What tattered, depleted, story or program are you still desperately trying to revive or cling to out of fear of the unknown? This is back to basics time.

The feminine energy rules the Divine Mystery. She is the Queen of the Unseen. She oversees the hidden, the non-physical, and the unknown. She invites us into the dark forest. She encourages us to step off the well worn path of the familiar into uncharted territory. She thrives in the primordial soup of the unformed potential. She does not care what the mind thinks should be happening. She has no interest in the fleeting demands of the small self. She shall not relent until we have fully surrendered to our Divine Self.

This makes our masculine self incredibly insecure and afraid. The part of us that could once be called “the man with the plan” is at a loss as we cross the threshold of the comfort zone. The not knowing, the unfamiliar, and the undefined all send our masculine self into a frenzy. It panics and tries to exert control. This is futile, as it is like trying to contain a hurricane. The seemingly powerful will of the entitled self crumbles in the face of this force of nature. We see how inept the unbalanced masculine is without its illusions of control and compartmentalization.

Any separation within ourselves will fall as we reunify with our most ancient, hidden, selves. There is no longer “This part of my life” and “That part of my life”. There is only All That I AM present in its entirely right here right now. The flow of our soul through our human experience is what allows the integration of our fractured, shattered, self to occur. We lovingly and compassionately call all of our splintered pieces to return home. The mending of this is often more painful than the original wound. But in the face of it, we see how incredibly resilient we are. We see how good we have become at making the best of a bad situation. This passage has in part come to show us that we no longer have to settle.

We can have what we desire, but do we believe that it is so? If we are longing for the love of another are we willing to love ourselves in that way first? Do we believe that the first step to fulfillment is by allowing whatever is present to be fulfilling?
We can no longer escape the call of ourselves to return back to our center. When we try to externalize the journey, the path suddenly becomes murky and blurred. The questions only compound themselves as we grasp for clarity and understanding.

This point in the journey has nothing to do with logic or rationale. This can only be felt. The trick is to move towards the shadow. To become curious about what is still obscured. To be willing to sit with ourselves as long as it takes. Can you ditch the endless requirements of the entitled self? Can you drop the meaningless agenda? Can you live the only two questions that ever really matter?
Who can I serve?
How can I serve?

In the space of the intention to serve, the noise becomes quiet. The clutter self organizes and the fog evaporates.
As we fall into the embrace of the grand mystery we see that every road always leads us home. In the embodiment of this truth, we see that we are already there. Andrew Martin Energy​


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