Notes on Feelings

When it comes to feelings, there’s often no clear reason why we feel the way we do. Just because you don’t have language for what you’re feeling, doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t valid. Sometimes clarity comes after we’ve expressed ourselves. Sometimes it’s not even understanding that we need, but simply to feel and be felt. When we can witness ourselves free from the requirement that our experience must always “make sense”, we unlock massive amounts of power. Freedom is allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are without having to satisfy the fleeting needs of the mind. 
Feel your feelings. Love your wounds. Show up and live your life, even when it makes no sense at all. I don’t require understanding (from myself or another) in order for my experience to be valuable. When it comes to feelings, sometimes the search for meaning and understanding is a distraction. Sometimes we’ve just gotta feel what we feel, even when we have no idea why. 

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