All of This

Wherever you are right now. Stop for a minute. Take a breath. Feel the air moving in and out of your lungs. Feel your chest rise and fall. 
Become aware of the fact that you are awake right now. 
Consider for a second. 
What is it that allows you to be aware of this? Not just the fact that your body works automatically. Not the fact that there are electric signals zapping through your brain. That is part of it. But more than that. 
You are awake right now. 
What part of you is the part that is awake? 
There is an awareness within your body. This awareness of the fact that you are awake is the very thing that your body works so hard to support. 
Keep breathing. 
Now see the space in which you sit. See the other living things around you. The people, the animals, the plants. 
Become curious about the fact that they have a level of awareness too. 
Expand your awareness beyond your body. Feel your body in the chair or on the ground. Notice how your awareness doesn’t stop at your body. Feel how connected you are to everything in your immediate surroundings. Now expand that field. How far out can you feel?
There is an electricity in the air. There is a vibration emanating from everything you see. There is a fabric that runs through all things. That runs through you. 
Can you feel how alive it all is? Can you feel how it’s all connected? 
See the light. 
Notice how it falls on everything you see. Even the shadows are defined by how much light is present. 
Think of a lightbulb. Its light comes from within but it extends far beyond the container of the bulb. The light is not the bulb itself. The glass is just the container. The light is the reason for the bulb to exist.
Keep breathing. 
You are the one who is breathing. 
You are the one who is aware of the one who is breathing. 
You are the shadow. 
You are the light. 
You are the bulb. 
You are that which the light is illuminating. 
You are all of this. 
You feel this. 
You know this. 
Keep breathing.

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