Hold Your Light

Holding your light in the midst of the chaos of personal transformation often feels like keeping a match alight in a hurricane. The embodiment of your fullness is not a passive thing. It’s a fierce, vital, eruption of universal forces within your reality. 
It knocks down walls, it shatters foundations, and it obliterates illusions. 
It will bring you to your knees and strip you of all artifice. 
The journey of embodiment will take you away from everything you know. 
You won’t have to give up everything, but you must be willing to give up everything.

Embodying your essence requires impeccable truth. Your true self is unyielding in its requirement that you be vulnerable, honest, and real. You will be plunged over and over into the crucible of fire to ensure what what you claim is authentic. All else will be burned away. To the ego mind this will feel like death, and in fact it will be. 
You will die a thousand times over on the journey back to you. 
This process is intended to purify you. 
It takes a whole lot of pressure to make a diamond. 
Gold can only be refined through terrific heat.

The emergence of your true self has nothing to do with appeasing the ego. This journey is not about satisfying the transient needs of the personality. This is the complete and total reorientation of who and what you know yourself to be. The descent of all that you are as it focuses its entirety through your human vessel is a colossal undertaking. It will leave you breathless and your limited self has no choice but to capitulate. 

On the other side of the destruction of your former life lies a version of you that is transparent, crystalline, and clear. 
The you that steps out of the fiery baptism shines like the sun. 
He sparkles and glows with a clarity unmatched.
She is fearless and strong. 
With roots that stretch to the core of creation and arms that encircle the galaxy and beyond.

This journey to your Whole Self is yours and yours alone. 
It’s between you and You. 
Only you know what truth feels like and its up to you to uncover it. 
However, the tools that each of us learns how to use on our journey are all the same. 

These are the foundation of the Age of Embodiment.
These are the markers of authentic power.
These are the currency of the new Earth.
In the end we all realize that they’re all we ever need.
And truly, all we’ve ever had.

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