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The past couple of weeks the energy has felt very up and down. There have been moments of incredible clarity, and the next minute things get fuzzy and foggy. Like an image coming in and out of focus through a camera lens. Things shift from dreamy and light to heavy and dense in an instant. One minute I am energized and ready to take action, and the next moment I find myself overwhelmed by fatigue and the desire to get quiet and still.

When I tune into the the field, I see that there is a lot that is building energetically right now. Whether or not we are fully aware of it, our higher aspects are actively setting the stage for our next phase. As much as we might feel the urge to get out there and “do”, right now, most of our focus is being called to let things be. 

Last year we were completely deconstructed. We were shattered, dismantled, and unraveled. It was incredibly challenging in many ways but was totally necessary. We are beginning a new cycle and there’s very little wiggle room for us to hang on to anything that is completed or depleted. Anything that is less than love simply can’t get through. On the 11/11 portal in November, we began the process of stitching ourselves back together. The energy that came in on 12/12 and again on 12/21 gave many of us a last minute boost to make it through any final shifts that needed to occur before the eclipse this Sunday. Currently we are also looking at a universe with zero planets in retrograde for the next two months. This is a huge sign that the path forward is being cleared.
A few days ago I was laid out by a head cold that knocked me flat. I seldom get sick these days so when I woke up to a scratchy throat, I knew that my body had a lot to purge and was gearing up to let it go. I’ve been trying to piece things together to get a clearer picture, but honestly it has felt very foreign and unfamiliar. I have been seeing fields of energy that I have never seen before. It’s quite beautiful and strange. Finally, yesterday in sessions, clarity began to emerge a bit via similar messages that came through for all three of my clients. Whenever there’s a theme in my client sessions, I know that something’s up, so I connected this morning to see what I could see. Here’s what I received.

“Systems are being flushed right now with potent surges of energy. This is in preparation to ensure that all systems are “go” as the Lunar New Year arrives. We are checking and double checking to make sure every thing is correct. Consider it is similar to being discharged from the hospital after a long illness and intense recovery. An exhaustive diagnostic is being run so that you can receive as clean a bill of health as possible before you re-enter the world at large. During this diagnostic period you might find yourself enduring things that feel redundant. You might experience brief repetitions of old patterns or behaviors as you’re cleared for release. We suggest that you open up as deeply as you can and allow these surges to move through you. There is nothing that is outside of you. You hold it all. You are a channel for life itself. You are the conduit through which all of divinity flows. You are the mighty river to which all tributaries merge and join. Say yes to all of it as it moves through you. There may be pockets of anger, or fear, or self doubt, let it flow. There may be feelings of having regressed or of having fallen behind, let it flow. There may be recurrences of things which you worked so diligently to unattach from, let them flow. Drop into your heart and feel the enormity of your field now. Breathe in and out as you expand beyond all of your previous limits. You are connected to all of it. Everything is you and you are all of it. There is nothing beyond you now, only layers to grow and expand into and through. Trust all that is less than love will resolve itself. Your job right now is to be present, to love it all, to observe it all. To receive and to bless it all. To feel and see and know it all so that it can be released. When you are able to let things go with love, is when any remaining attachments finally drop away. Anything that you resist or push against will only grow bigger until you let it into your experience. There is nothing that you are incapable of handling when you allow your fullness to receive it. Welcome all parts of yourself as they re-integrate and re-unite. Now is an optimal time to get creative. Clarify your intentions, make art, create for the sake of creating. Engage in the behaviors and practices that open you up, cultivate joy, and support you in keeping your frequency high. Trust us when we say that forward momentum is coming and coming soon. There will be plenty of action for you this year! Now is the time to prepare, rest, and find the fun in it. Now is the time to ensure that the things you are focusing on are the things that line up with your desired state of being. You are greatly supported now in making a clean break with habits and patterns that are dysfunctional. Be curious about whatever shows up in your experience over the days leading up to the eclipse, but don’t get too attached to it. Know that whatever needs to stay will stay and trust that whatever falls away is done and ready to go. Your truth is a bedrock upon which all will be built this year. Tune into the frequency of your truth before taking action. You will know by the feeling what is true and what is illusion. When you are grounded in your truth, there are no limits to what you can create. When you are building on illusion, your creation will die before it has even blossomed. Trust yourself above all else. Let it open, let it flow, and let it fall away. Whatever is for you, will stay and whatever is complete will go. Meet it all with a state of being that is relaxed and open. These are your keys for this current passage.”

If you’re currently seeking clarity on what is currently present in your life, I can help. If you’re curious about what the best direction is for you this year, I can help. If you’re ready to reclaim your power and begin deliberately reclaiming your power, I can help.


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