New Questions

In the midst of a transformation like the one we’re currently in, chaos is guaranteed. When chaos arrives it sends the mind into a panic. How do I fix this!? How do I avoid this?! How do I stop this? When will it end? In times such as these, the answers aren’t found “out there”.

This isn’t a basic equation with a simple answer of 2+2=4. This is a time to dig deep and unearth our ancient “stuff”. This is a time to pull our fears and wounds close. We have no choice now but to do our inner work. The mind doesn’t want to do this work, it just wants an easy fix. In the absence of a quick solution, the mind runs panicked in search of the familiar. Old habits, old coping mechanisms, old patterns, or old relationships. Anything to check out, numb out, tune out, or distract is the ONLY thing the mind can see. So instead of searching for an answer through the mind, (which will always be a dead end) maybe it’s time to ask a new question.

When the mind offers up its latest installment of fear porn try responding with “That’s interesting, how else can it happen?” or “Why do I believe that this is the only way it can play out?” When confronted with the choice of picking up an outdated coping mechanism or limiting belief, ask yourself “Does this move me closer to myself, or further away?” And if you really want to go for the Master level, try this one “Would the person I am becoming, say yes to this?” No matter what you decide, I promise you that the mind has nothing to offer but the same old reruns. Try surrendering the need for answers, and asking some new questions.

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