The False Self is Dying

The intensity of July is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It’s really difficult to even put it into words. The realization of the depth of the wounds I have been carrying has astounded me. The intensity of the emotional releases that have come to the surface has quite literally taken my breath away. More than once this past month I have found myself face to face with intense emotional pain and agony that has pushed me beyond anything I have felt before. Just a few days ago I found myself on my knees almost hyper ventilating as stuff that I have been carrying since I was 5 or 6 years old rose up to finally be felt and released. There were days of purging where I wondered if I was ever going to stop crying. As always my team has been there with me, but most of the stuff that has come up for me in June and July was stuff that I needed to experience on my own. It needed to pass through my body and my emotional field for it to truly be healed and transformed. No rituals or mantras or ceremonies can take the place of what really needs to be happening right now. Which is simply feeling it on a physical level.  Certainly my guides pointed me towards these truths, but I was the one who had to walk through the door. They couldn’t feel it for me. As much as I have tried to avoid, numb or distract, it’s been a futile attempt. As my Creator Self said “You can’t escape what needs to be felt, anymore than you can escape gravity on Earth.”  I’ve felt myself slowly coming back together over the past few days, and so I asked for some insight into what exactly is it that’s happening right now if only for a bit of context.

“The false self is dying. The version of you that was created in response to ‘other people’s stuff’ is ready to go. This version of you was borne from your coping mechanisms. This is the death of who other people thought you should be, needed you to be, or hoped you would be, etc. The one who felt he needed to please in order to be safe. The one who felt he needed to numb or avoid or ignore to survive. The one who felt he had to be angry and vicious to protect his vulnerability. Whatever ways you learned to deal with the field of anger, judgement, criticism, aggression, and fear that has steadily grown on Earth is what is being dismantled at this time.
The version of you that is dying has been in place since about 5 or 6 years old so it doesn’t really feel false, and yet it is. While there are elements of this personality that are truly you, most of it was created in response to your external world and is therefore false. It was created as a layer of protection and armor against an environment that was deliberately set up against you. It is in essence emotional scar tissue. It is very deep, very strong, and feels very familiar. Still it is not you. This is what must die for you to step fully into the next phase of embodying  your Divine Self. The beauty of this process is that is is already underway. You couldn’t stop it if you tried, as this is a necessary step for you to do what you came here to do. You can also take comfort in knowing that anything that is truly you will always stay.

Your true nature as a Human is of Sovereignty. The matrix you’ve been existing in at your human level was deliberately set up to deny you your Sovereignty and to convince you that you were essentially powerless. The matrix has fallen and as the energetic barriers are dismantled, you are now in a place where the “lid has been removed” and you can finally let this go. There is little if any energetic interference at this time that stands in your way. The only limitations that now exist are the ones still held in the body. When we speak of the body of course we mean your individual body as well as the collective body. As always your individual work is what supports the same work on a collective level.

This is in fact the awakening of the body. In order for your physical body to reclaim its Divine Template, and all of its innate abilities, it must purge all of the trauma that is still being held cellularly. This is the body’s time to release all of the experiences of trauma and the crutches that were created in response to the traumatic environment that was cultivated on the planet.. This is the body’s awakening and it requires you to show up for your body in the way that we have shown up for you. Unconditionally. This is the time to focus your wisdom and teachings towards yourself to support your body on its journey to liberation. The beauty of this is that as the body purges the emotional debris, what is left behind is the wisdom of the experience. The release of the emotional stuff, opens up a space for more of your divine essence to descend. This is liberation for the body.

The echoes of the horrific experiences you have each in your own way endured will finally begin to fall silent. In its place is the beautiful understanding of why you needed these experiences, and why you chose to create them. In order for you to master something in your human experience, it must be felt. Allowing these emotions to move through you keeps what is necessary for your growth (wisdom) and  finally heals the trauma. What is ultimately required during this passage is to release the history of the self that was created in response to trauma. This false self cannot continue with you. The mind will resist this at all costs, because that is all the mind knows. The mind only has a limited range of ways it can do this, and you are very clear on the tricks it employs to keep you small. Meet them all with compassion and understanding, but don’t take the bait. It will only end in the same way it always has…back at the beginning. 

This process is all part of the plan. It will not last forever, yet while it is here it will be intense and unrelenting. It must be this way in order for you to be prepared for the next chapter of your journey.

Take time to be in silence as often as you can. Envision yourself as a pillar of light on the planet, emanating your divine frequency clearly. Take time each day to connect with the fullness that you are. Invite it in to fill you up. Remind yourself that you are light, you are love. Stand confident in your ability to embrace and experience ALL that you are. Welcome it all and know that only Love will remain.

There will continue to be unrest and chaos in the collective experience. You can observe it and be aware of it without being drawn into it. Meet it with love and understanding. In the face of darkness and shadow, use the spotlight of your loving awareness to shine a light on it.  Meet it with Love. Shower it with light. Above all else stay present in the moment as a beacon of illumination. This is your work as one who came to play a part in the liberation of humanity and the planet on which you live. Trust in your gifts and abilities. We are always with you. This is the time when you step forward as the divine light that you are. Nothing can stop you, and only you can decide to do it. In love and light we leave you, Rejoice!” 


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