Your Emotional Architecture

Emotional Architecture
One of the primary functions of a human experience is that we create through our emotions. Every single choice we make has an emotional underpinning. We create because we want an emotional pay off. We choose this because we like the way we feel when we do. We eat this food, because there’s a positive pay off when we do. What we wear, who we marry, where we live, what we drive are all choices that are rooted in the desire to feel or experience something very specific. 
Whether or not the desire is conscious or unconscious, healthy or unhealthy is another story altogether, but the fact remains that it’s always an emotional/energetic reason. 

We’ve been taught (especially in our Western culture) that to be emotional and to let the heart lead is irrational and irresponsible. We’re told to “get our head out of the clouds” and “to be realistic!”
When we acknowledge the real reason we ever choose anything we begin to see that quite the opposite is true. We see quite clearly that the old patriarchal ideal is not sustainable. The outdated model that our happiness lies somewhere else, on the other side of 5PM, or on the weekend, or after retirement is not a realistic way to live. When we let our emotional and energetic awareness come into play, we create a far more sustainable and satisfying experience. The natural language of the human is emotion and energy. We’ve been so programmed into thinking that everything has to be logical and rational and devoid of emotion, that we’re not even aware of the fact that this perspective severely limits how satisfying and enriching our lives can be.
When we allow ourselves to determine how we want to feel in our lives and what we want the quality of our experience to be first, we begin to understand how we really can create what we want. 

The mind is an archive. It houses all of our past experiences and uses our history to determine what a situation or choice will bring us. The mind has a huge stake in keeping us in stasis because it will always choose predictability and controllability over the unknown. The mind isn’t focused on what the quality of our experience is. As long as it’s one that it can understand and predict beginning, middle, and end, the mind is satisfied. 
We hear it all of the time “He was so unhappy, why did he stay in that relationship for so long”? “She hated it there! Why did she stay at that job for so long?” It’s because the mind doesn’t care if the story it’s telling or the life that you’re living is one of misery and upset, as long as it can safely predict what’s coming. 
When we find ourselves moving into the unknown, we try to get the insight via the mind because that’s what we’ve always done. The problem here is the mind is not a visionary, it only creates from what it already knows. So trying to get revolutionary, inspiring, insight from the mind is like trying to get your email through a calculator. It’s just not what it was made to do. The heart is the portal to Spirit. When we let the heart feed us the insight, the inspiration, and the epiphany, and then get the mind on board to help us create it, that’s when magic occurs. 

When I surrendered in 2012 and finally said “YES” to Spirit, I had no idea what I was saying yes to. All I knew is that something or someone “up there” knew something that I didn’t. All I knew is that my way of living wasn’t working any more and that it was time for me to try something new. So I made a deal with Spirit and said “If you get me back to Seattle with a job and an apartment, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. As long as I am: Happy, self-employed, and helping people”. I didn’t know it at the time but I had just dictated the first iteration of my Emotional Architecture. “Happy, self-employed, and helping people” certainly wasn’t a business plan in the traditional sense. It wasn’t anything that was going to get me a loan at my local credit union, But what it gave me was a way to measure choices and actions against what I had claimed as crucial to my experience. It gave me a way to step into the void of allowing my Divine Blueprint to call me forward even when I didn’t know what I was saying “yes” to. It gave Spirit a way to interface with me and to begin actively showing up in my life in the form of choices and opportunities. It provided a construct for Spirit to start filling up. It armed me with a yardstick with which to measure my choices and actions. Now I was able to ask myself “does this choice/action/belief move the mark on ‘Happy, self-employed, and helping people’”? If it didn’t then, it was a pretty safe bet that a particular choice wasn’t for me, 

The life that is calling you forward already knows what it is. it doesn’t need you to define it or to control it. Initially all you need to do is create a structure to fit the content in. The life that is calling you forth already knows what it is. In the super conscious state, before you jumped into this incarnation, you sat and had a hand in writing the plan for your life. 
You are not the content, you are the instrument that brings the content to life. Your job is to decide how you want to experience the unpacking of this blueprint. Your Emotional Architecture is not just about your job or career, it is about your life. Why on Earth would you decide that you can only be happy and joyful and satisfied on your days off? Why would you choose to be fulfilled by your work but not by anything else?  

The Emotional Architecture puts you squarely back in the driver’s seat. Unlocking the potential of your Creator Self by giving you a way to navigate your experience based on your innate way of feeling and sensing. The Emotional Architecture gives you a very real way to create your life by focusing on the resonance of your feelings and emotions. The Emotional Architecture brings you to a point where how you feel about choices and actions comes first, followed then by the act of choosing and deciding. The ability to create from your emotional/feeling state is not some far off, silly notion. It is your innate way of being. Before you were able to speak words, you were quite adept at feeling and sensing your way through the world to great success. Before these abilities were programmed out of you, you were quite fluent in the language of The Universe. The Emotional Architecture is the operating system that connects you to abilities that were hardwired into your physical body. Creating this way is quite literally the most natural thing in the world. 

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