On Being Present

The concept of being in the present moment can be terrifying when there is unresolved trauma. To be present means I am fully in my body. To be fully in my body means I am not numb. Not being numb means that I have to feel. To feel is often scary as hell in the beginning. So, if you’re carrying deep pain, understand that “being present” is a learned skill. NOBODY gets it “right” the first time.

Like all skills, it’s not always easy at first. It does not happen over night. Like all learned skills, you’re probably not going to be very “good” at it in the beginning. There will be stops and starts. There will be easy days and difficult days. The important thing is that YOU know that you’re showing up for yourself. That YOU know you’re learning how to make new choices. That YOU know you’re creating new patterns. This is between you and You. Nobody else gets to measure your success. That’s your privilege, not theirs.

Remember to breathe. Keep showing up. Have GREAT compassion for yourself. Find people who can support you on your journey. You’re healing years and years and years of pain and wounding. Sometimes you’re clearing pain and trauma that goes back centuries. So go easy on yourself. If you falter, take a breath, and start again. It might not happen overnight, but it can happen. This is your journey and only you get to set the pace.

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