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Solar Codes Event – Saturday, November 2nd 11AM – 12:30 PM MT

The other day I had an amazing experience of receiving a powerful influx of energy and information directly from the sun. I was out in the backyard scooping up the dog poo – talk about the mundane and the sacred – and I kept getting directed to a specific spot. The corner of the yard that kept calling my name was directly in line with the rays of the setting sun. I walked over to the spot and distinctly heard “look up”. I looked up and my eyes met the sun. My instinct of course was to look away, even though the sun was very low on the horizon and wasn’t uncomfortably bright to briefly look at. I heard again “gently, look up”. I looked up and – for lack of a better term – made direct eye contact with the sun. It was only for a couple of seconds, and then I was instructed to close my eyes and remain there for a bit longer, staring at the sun through my eyelids. Only a couple of more seconds and then I felt the connection drop. I was struck by the experience, but didn’t make too much of it. I continued my scooping duties then went into the house to wash my hands. As I was standing at the kitchen sink I started to feel really powerful waves of energy moving through me. It kept building and building in strength as my whole body was lit up. At first it felt like I was really light headed as if I was going to faint. I came into my office and sat down to try and steady myself. My heart beat was fairly rapid and everything looked bright and electric. I was checking in with my body, measuring my breath, and even though my mind was a bit freaked out trying to make sense of it all, I knew that all was well. I kept hearing “solar codes” over and over in my head. I gave into the energy and let it move through me. It worked its way through my lower energy centers then up to my third eye and sat there buzzing for several minutes.

I felt all of this old stuff being pulled from my field as these energies began to move in and clear space. I was instructed not to close my eyes and “dive in” to the experience like I normally would. It was made very clear to me that I needed to be fully present, eyes open and aware while I witnessed the removal of this energetic clutter. It was fascinating as I felt the different parts of my physical body and my energy field that were connected/affected by these different layers of “other people’s stuff”. There were several people from my life that were connected to these packets of energy. Some were family members, some were friends, and several of them were attached to men I had dated at different points in my life. The common thread was that what was removed was energy from the times in these relationships where I had willingly diminished my self or my energy. Times where I had intentionally played small so as not to rock the boat in our relationship. In an attempt to avoid triggering the insecurities of others, I had dampened a part of myself. I see of course now how this was rooted in my own insecurity. Unable to see how I could be a conduit for such amazing, luminous energy and feeling unworthy of it, I chose to hide it and try to disassociate myself from it. I wasn’t ready to own my greatness, so I hid from myself and from others. The solar codes came in to gently remove the vestigial layers of these old beliefs. Eventually things settled and I spent the rest of the evening resting and went to bed fairly early.

Just yesterday things started to come together again, as they often do, via a client session. What became clear is that these solar codes are part of the ignition of the forward momentum that is currently building as we move towards 11/11, 12/12, and the Solstice on 12/21. These codes are part of the restructured divine masculine energy that is coming online. This isn’t “new” energy in the sense that we think of it. It is really taking the corrupted masculine energy that has been present and re-ordering the geometry of it back to its pristine state. The insight that came through for this client was essentially that the anchoring of the divine feminine that we’ve all been completing this year through our inner work is now ready for catalyzation by our divine masculine frequency. The download of these solar codes plays a part in triggering our next phase. The image I was shown was a very familiar one to us: the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. An important point here was that just like in a chemical reaction where the catalyst creates an acceleration, the catalyst is not consumed by the reaction but rather contributes to a transformation that is greater than the sum of its parts. Further exploring the idea of a catalyst when it comes to chemical reactions is the idea of an inhibitor. The inhibitor is what slows down reactions. Much like our own feminine energy ensures that we are taking the time to connect to our feeling/emotional/internal bodies. It teaches us patience and the importance of flowing with our experience rather than trying to strong arm life and force an outcome. Anyone who has been paying attention this year can see that trying to circumvent our own inner work only ensures that things will fall apart and we’ll be right back at the beginning again. Quite simply: Until we’ve reconciled and sorted our inner (feminine) world, the outer (masculine) world can’t come to fruition. So within, so without. As above, so below.

Of course this means different things to different people, relative to where we are on our given path. However there is very clearly the sense that the next phase is about actively shaping and forming our external. physical, reality. In order to build a fully formed experience, we require our feminine and masculine selves to both be present. Working in harmony as we simultaneously balance our inner and outer worlds. This is part of how we “ascend” the duality of our former experience.
There’s a LOT more to offer here, as this has just begun to reveal itself in a way that not only allows conscious understanding, but also practical application.

If you’re drawn to work with these frequencies, I’m offering a private gathering via YouTube on Saturday, November 2nd 11AM MDT. Follow the link to sign up.
We’ll connect and open up to explore the energies of these solar codes. This is yet another layer of our experience to play with as we move towards the energy work on 11/11, and then on to 12/12 and 12/21.

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