Things seem to be moving fast and furious these days! Insights are coming in from all over the place. Much of what I have been experiencing lately has been directly tied to my own work of forgiveness. It’s been a parade of my history (in this lifetime and others) where I am shown quite clearly where there is forgiveness work to do. It seems to be a huge part of our journey as we move into 2020.

To allow the full merging and embodiment of our Self, we must release our ties to the past. Forgiveness allows us to carry the wisdom gained from our past experiences without staying entangled in the struggle and suffering. Harboring resentment, vengeance, and grudges keeps us locked in the cycle of conflict. Forgiveness for others, yes, But really it comes down to forgiving ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for when we didn’t know any better. Forgiving ourselves for other lives where we played the role of a not so loving being. Forgiving ourselves for pushing other people away because we had yet to process our pain. Forgiving ourselves for not having ANY idea how to even begin our healing journey. 

Forgiveness isn’t about condoning what occurred as if it never happened. It’s about liberating ourselves from our history so that we may move on. Trusting that while we may never fully understand the why, there is value in all experience. Removing our attachments to the past through forgiveness we create a space for our healing, our growth, and our transformation.

This seems to be crucial right now. Especially as we move into the next few years where we will be forming and shaping our new world and stepping in to our purpose more completely. Energetically I see how this stuff from our past taints everything and keeps us locked in a lower frequency. As always, we walk the path in our own way and in our own time. No matter where we are with forgiving, we are tremendously supported in untangling ourselves from the distorted geometries that are present when we are hanging on to the past in this way.

Amazingly, I am seeing this message also coming through for two of my friends. Jenny Schlitz and David Manning are both highlighting this in their own work. It wasn’t until this morning that I made the connection to my recent experience I wrote about in the Solar Codes post with the forgiveness work I’ve been doing. When we heal and release, we open ourselves up to clearer energies which in turn raises our natural vibration. This sets the stage for an ever deepening embodiment of our divine blueprint.

To support you on this journey of forgiveness, I have created a new sound healing mp3. The “Forgiveness” recording is all about working with the powerful frequency of forgiveness. Through November 2nd use code “FORGIVE50” at checkout to get 50% off the file. Current Patreon subscribers at the $17 level get this file for free.

Just a reminder that I’m offering a private gathering via YouTube on Saturday, November 2nd 11AM MDT. We will be exploring the energies of the Solar Codes. Follow the link to sign up.

Also a reminder that on Monday, November 11th at 11AM Mountain Time I’ll be on YouTube offering up sound healing to all who would like to attend. No requirements other than showing up open to receive what is here for you. Simply go to on that day and I’ll see you there.

As always I am hoping that your journey is filled with as much grace and ease as is possible in these times of rapid transformation. I love you.


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