The Gaia Codes

One of the most beautiful parts of the recent Solar Codes gathering was our connection with Gaia herself. She showed up as a Sovereign being in all of her glory.  Free from the restriction and limitations of the control matrix that all life on Earth has existed within up until recently. To connect with her presence in this state was magnificent.

One of the key pieces to the success of the control matrix was to bring all beings to the lowest vibration possible while still allowing them to stay viable/alive. This included our planet Gaia. Another piece of the control matrix was that our innate cooperative relationship with her, and all life, was corrupted. We have been programmed to abide by the “laws of man” that point us outside of the natural order of things. We were taught to take more than we needed, to compete with other life forms within scarcity, and to abuse the abundant resources of the planet we have called home. The myth of human supremacy has created a reality where we live in spite of the well being of all things, living in ignorance of or denying how devastating our choices have often been to all sentient life on the planet.

Gaia has also been on her journey of ascension, back to her true, glorious, Self. She has been residing in a higher octave of expression for sometime now, awaiting the critical mass of awakening humans to join her. There is no requirement for us to operate at this level of awareness. It is simply our own inner work that allows us to access it. Staying rooted in the old programming effectively creates a version of reality where we are unable to connect with this frequency. When we are operating in the density of a 3D perspective, it is outside the range of visible spectrum available to us. To co-exist with Gaia in her sovereign state, requires us to vibrate at that level of being as well. All of the celestial alignments, star gates, energy downloads, and solar flares in the world will never allow us to bypass the requirement of doing our own work. This is the true nature of living in a free will experience: It is ultimately up to each of us to decide whether or not we are going to do the work required to free ourselves so we can experience the integration and embodiment of our Full Self. This is the essence of Ascension. Nobody can do it for you. It always comes back to you.

There is a tipping point in each soul’s journey back to Self. A point where we return back to the natural order. A point where the agendas of the lower self are abandoned and we live in service of the highest outcome for all beings. This natural state of cooperation, union, and trust begins (as all things do) internally. As we cultivate these qualities, we naturally flow back to living this way. Certainly after centuries of programming to the contrary, it takes practice and focus. Yet all of us hold the capacity to return to this way of being.

The Gaia Codes essentially plug us back in to this level of awareness. Several months ago, I had a moment of connecting with the planet and life at this frequency. It was breathtaking to feel the pulse of life moving through me. To be simultaneously joined with all life within this individuated experience deeply shifted my perception. At that moment of pure connection I thought to myself “this must be what it is like for the wave. To simultaneously be having my own individual experience while resting in the connection to the fullness of the ocean.” In this way, Gaia becomes like a home base for us. When we live in cooperation with our environment instead of willfully living at odds with her, we change our reality at a fundamental level. This relationship unlocks the true nature of abundance and harmony. When we show up in service of our life, rooted in truth and authenticity, life immediately shows up in service of us. The reciprocal nature of life has always been this way. It’s the Golden Rule. Our experience of struggling to survive within the control matrix has divorced us from it. Now that the matrix has fallen, we are remembering how to live as a part of the natural order. The days of playing a game that someone else wrote the rules and regulations for are over. 2020 will show us all in real time what it truly means to be the Creator of our experience. The Gaia Codes make it easier for us to return to living in this way. It is a Divine Gift direct from our Mother. A much needed missing piece of the puzzle that has been deliberately kept from us.

Join me on Saturday, November 23rd at 11AM MT as we gather in a group to explore these energies. The Gaia Codes gathering will be done via private live stream on YouTube. Click here to register

On 11/11 I am offering up a donation based sound healing gathering. At 11:11AM MDT simply navigate to my YouTube channel to join!

If you’re interested in the energy work from the Solar Codes gathering, it is available for purchase here: Solar Codes Mp3


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