The Act of Prayer

All that we seek already exists within us. When we pray for patience we are given the opportunity to be patient. When we pray for peace we are given the chance to be peaceful and to access peace. When we pray for abundance we are first asked to acknowledge and be thankful for the abundance that we already have. The act of prayer really is the act of calling forth what (we know on a soul level) already exists within us.
The ability to be angry or loving exists within us all. The choice to be kind or harsh is offered to us in each moment. The options to be honest or to deceive are always present. We often think that prayer calls on some hidden force outside of us to swoop in and save us from where we are and what we are experiencing.

The truth is, there is an unseen force, but it only exists within us. When our external circumstances prompt us to ask for something different…to pray for something greater, that non-physical energy says “Yes, you can have it…and you can have it right now, because it already exists within you”. It says “I am here and I have always been here, but you keep choosing fear over Love and separation over Unity”. It knows that when we pray for one thing, but do another that we are not truly aligned with what we seek. We are always and eternally given the opportunity to be the first one to choose what we are asking for.

So when we pray for peace it is really a prayer to first choose peace in our own lives. When we pray for patience, it is so that we may choose to be patient when the temptation to be impatient arises. When we choose and choose and choose again to embody that which we are asking for, we are immediately granted access to more of it.

Allowing what we are praying for to first emerge within ourselves is the beginning of changing it all. The Universe is an echo chamber. Life cannot override our oscillation. If I am vibrating at anger and exclusion, then how can I possibly let in Love and Unity? It is not that what I seek isn’t present…what I seek is always banging on the door within me asking to be set free. In my insistence to dig in my heels and keep my death grip on my fear and rage, I keep the door to what I desire locked tight.

Life is not a punishment being served up by some man in the sky with a white beard sitting on a throne in judgement of who we are. We often say “How can there be a God that would allow so much death and destruction?” The answer is, that YOU are God. I am God. WE are all God. We are not separate from what seek or from what we are experiencing. We are not separate from All That Is. We ARE All That Is. So the answer to the question: “Why would God allow such tragedy to occur?” is always because that is what we have allowed. That is what we have chosen. We are God and through our actions and choices we have allowed death and destruction.
Faith doesn’t exempt us from taking responsibility for what we have created. Faith calls us to be unrelenting in our allegiance to truth and personal accountability. Faith says “All That Is has lovingly granted the power of choice and free will to All That is.”

We’ve been given the tools to create what we desire and the only thing that will change our experience is to make a new choice. If I want to see a world where we don’t go around killing each other, then how can I call for the death of another? If I want to live on a planet where everyone has what they need to survive, then how can I justify taking more than I need?
The only way to live in a world where Love and Unity and Truth are a reality is to be unwavering in my choices of Love and Unity and Truth.

So when we pray, let us pray for the ability to be aware and conscious of our choices in each moment. Let us pray for a moment of stillness to recognize that what we seek already exists inside of us. Let us pray for the emergence of Love to be stronger and more powerful and clearer within so that it can be easier to remember that we are what we choose. If we continue to pray for things that we are unwilling to choose for ourselves first, then we’re going to be waiting a long, long, long, time for things to change. 

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