Mastery is Remembrance

“The familiar is dead. There is no going back. The small life is not for you. It never has been. The only life that awaits you is glorious, spectacular, and brilliant. There are no more small spaces in which to hide. The days of disappearing are over. It’s time now to create without hesitation, without doubt, free from fear. Be bold, be beautiful, be big, be you. That is all there is.” This was the message I received a couple of days ago directly from my Creator Self when I was asking for information on our current point in time and space.

The 12/12 ——> 12/21 energies continue to build.  The lead up to this passage isn’t necessarily about huge, mind blowing experiences (though there certainly are those occurring too) this is mostly about small, seemingly insignificant (to the mind) moves. We are working at the quantum level where an infinitesimally small movement can transform everything. At this time, it is the small choices in each moment that are creating massive changes. Most of these choices aren’t really about the action so much as they are the fuel (belief/feeling/energy/emotion) that is driving the action.

The choice (acting/doing) is simply the completion of the original intent that germinated the choice in the first place. The choosing is ALWAYS secondary to the feelings/energies/intent that inform the choice. These are the Master Level lessons I was referring to in the December Energy Transmission. The truth that how you feel about the choice/action/options in front of you is infinitely more powerful than the choice itself is simple, but not always easy.

Another way to look at this is through the ongoing balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies we all hold. The Masculine energy (action choice assertion belief) is ALWAYS an emanation/culmination of the Feminine (intent desire potential reception) energy. More simply put? The Feminine is the wave. The Masculine is the particle. Without clarity around our Feminine vibration, the Masculine action is just a bull in the china shop waving its phallus around hoping that eventually it will hit the target.

You can put this into practice in your own life in a very simple way. Think of an issue in your life where you seem stuck or frustrated. Imagine that you are a script writer and you are currently writing yourself – in your current situation – as a character in a play. Sit and write as many details as you can about the current circumstances using this prompt: “What beliefs/choices/actions are required to support the continuation of this version of reality?” Write as much as you can. Whatever details emerge begins to give you some insight into what old program/story is running. You are acting a certain way because you believe a certain way. That’s the easy part. Now the challenge. Again, putting yourself back into the scriptwriter’s perspective, use this prompt: “What choices are currently available to this character that will allow him/her to transform their circumstances?” What you unearth here begins to show you possibility, potential and ways to shift your reality. It has been my experience that 99.99% of the time the reason that we are “stuck” is because we have the answer/insight but are not ready/willing to take action on it. Essentially we know the truth but we have yet to accept/speak/assert it.

Over the next few weeks, you might find yourself being pulled under to the depths of your inner landscape once again. Your Feminine self may call you to yet another audience with your innermost layers. The shadowy depths not only hold our greatest fears, but also our biggest dreams. Had it not occurred to you that your shadow also holds the greatest potentials for success and brilliance? All of the goodness that you feel so unworthy of is also held by your shadow. It becomes clear to us that the deep dive into the shadow realm isn’t only about cleaning up the wounds and brokenness, but also about transporting the treasures of our deepest dreams and potential to the surface so they may also be brought into the light. The Masculine Self cannot access this level of knowing unless the Feminine Self is willing to reveal it. The Feminine Self can’t offer it up until we have allowed ourselves to go there. In order for it to be revealed, we must sit with it and allow it into our awareness. The theme of the Shadow Realm? You can’t heal it until you feel it. Nor can you claim it until you name it.

The other piece of this is trust. More specifically trusting our Masculine Self to make choices that are aligned with the intent of our Feminine Self. Trusting that once what has been so deeply buried makes its way to our conscious awareness that it will be met with care and compassion. It is at this moment when the Feminine must trust the Masculine and detach from the outcomes. She has to let go so that he can move forward. The insistence on receiving the “Who, What, Where, When, Why” before we surrender or take action is often the way we hold ourselves hostage. Requiring guarantees, proof, and evidence before believing is the old way. It is the inverted, corrupted, programming that keeps us frozen in a loop to no end. To pop the bubble of our own illusions, piercing the boundaries of our personal matrix simulation and allowing the light of truth in is key. The only way this can happen is with complete and total trust. Trust that when clarity emerges and it is time to take action that we will know without a doubt. Trusting that we are not and never have been doing this alone. The biggest leap for many of us now is to trust that no matter WHAT comes up for us that it is NECESSARY to our current experience. If you’re experiencing it, it is because there is value in the circumstances that is specific to YOUR growth and expansion. Whether or not it is relevant or meaningful to anyone else, is void of importance. Only you know what truth feels like, remember?

The next few weeks are power packed with energetic potential. The energy work gatherings on 12/12 and 12/21 are both created with the intent to support you no matter where you are on your path. The point to all of this is to assist you in remembering who and what you truly are. Mastery is simply remembrance. Once you remember the truth and allow it to bubble up it all starts to fall into place.

Join me via YouTube on December 12th at 12:12 PM MT for the donation based gathering open to all-

On December 15th at 11AM MT I am hosting the 3rd in the trifecta of energy work, The Harmony Codes. If you participated in the Solar Codes and the Gaia Codes events then this is definitely one to show up for!

Finally on December 21st at 11AM MT there is the energy work for the Solstice – 12/21. This one is also donation based and all are welcome –

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