Numbing = Numb

Here’s the deal with numbing out to avoid things you don’t want to feel or acknowledge: Numbing isn’t selective. Initially when we numb ourselves it seems to make things easier. It does take away the rough edges and create a world that is rosy and fuzzy and appears safe.

Eventually though, everything else becomes numb too. In the race to outrun our pain, as the layers of avoiding and denying build up, the joyful things in life also fall by the wayside. At some point the desire to stay numb takes over everything. Numbing = numb.

You can’t expect to constantly dull the feelings you don’t want to feel and still be able to access the ones that you do. At some point, in order to have a life where you experience the joyous, exciting, wonderful things, you must also make room for your pain and your wounds. How else can you expect to heal if you never let all of yourself in?

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