You Can’t Heal Another

Many of us are going through a crazy transformational passage right now with those who are very close to us. Our family groups (both biological and chosen) our close friends, and deeply rooted relationships are all going through massive shifts at the moment. One thing that these energies are bringing up for many of us right now – myself included – are REALLY deeply held fears around the safety and wellbeing of those we love and those we feel we are responsible for. This is unearthing a LOT of programming that on the surface looks like caring and compassion, but that is really rooted fear and guilt. Much of this is along the lines of:
∙ “Without me, they won’t make it. They need me to survive”
∙ “If I am not here, they can’t be happy/well/successful etc”
∙ “If I follow my passion/heart then I will have to leave them. If I leave them then they will be in pain and it will be my fault”
∙ “My family/friend/loved one is having a tough time, but things are actually going well for me and if I share that with them, then they will be jealous or upset. So I will minimize/hide my own success so they don’t feel bad.”
∙ “I am the only ‘spiritual’ one in my family so I have to be here to ‘help them make it’ and if they don’t heal or ‘ascend’ then I am to blame.”

The list goes on, but you get the gist of it. I totally understand the often tangled emotional ties we have to our loved ones and our family groups. However, the truth is this: EVERYONE IS WALKING THE PATH ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN SOUL’S PLAN, PURPOSE, and PASSION. There’s another truth at play here: NOBODY CAN EVER WALK THE PATH OF ANOTHER FOR THEM. 
Every individual being is currently going through whatever they need to go through to fulfill whatever agreements they have made at a soul level, PERIOD.
Yes, we can have compassion for another. Yes, we can help, assist, and support in whatever way we are able. Yes, we can hold space, listen, and show up for those we love and are responsible for.
AND….and this is a BIG and…there are some other things to remember:

✫ We all create our own suffering and liberation for ourselves through our choices and beliefs. 
☞ Joining someone in their erroneous belief that they are broken or powerless or helpless does NOTHING to support them. 
❄︎ THE best you can do. The MOST powerful thing you can do is to always insist on another’s greatness. 
✷ Some people don’t want to heal and didn’t come here to heal.
‣ Each and every soul is here to express the unique expression that THEY are, and to you that might look like a nightmare. However, the truth is we have NO idea of knowing what another soul came here to experience. 
✔︎ NOBODY is powerful enough to override the soul choices of another
◦ Trying to take on the suffering/pain/problems of another entangles you in their energy and creates more suffering. 
❖ Only YOU know what truth feels like

No doubt these can be really challenging decisions, but we’re at the point in our journey where moving away from our truth brings everything to a standstill. Some decisions aren’t EVER going to be easy when we are only considering things from our human perspective. It’s important now to take the time to expand our awareness and remember that our “humanness” is only a part of the whole. 
The remedy for these times is RADICAL truth and self love. Pain is always pointing us towards an imbalance. Creating suffering for yourself by trying to take on the troubles of another is YOUR choice. 
Truth is often uncomfortable, awkward, and inconvenient but if it is not honored and acknowledged then it creates even more suffering and unrest. 
The current merging of our Creator Self with our Human means that if something is misaligned with our purpose or our direction we will feel it immediately and intensely. It will NOT go away until what is hidden is brought to the light. The days of martyrdom are over. The only way forward now is in Truth, Love and Compassion. No, it’s not easy, but it’s quite simple, and that often is the biggest lesson of all.
Stay close to yourself and those you love. Breathe deeply and deliberately. Take the time to get quiet and still, even if its only for 5 minutes. Trust that we ALL are living out the experience we came here to live and that we ALL have chosen our experiences for the value that they hold in the growth and expansion of our Soul. 

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