Wonky Weirdness

There are some massive ripples moving through our collective field (which will also affect our individual fields) right now as old timelines are collapsing and completing and the new realities rise up and come into focus. Time continues to unravel, getting wobbly(er) and wonky(er). Multiple realities are overlapping, coming in and out of focus as new realities anchor in.

Last night I was making dinner, cooking a very familiar recipe for my family. I have made this recipe a 100 times over, but my sense of scale, proportion, and timing was all off! I keep looking down at the dish and marveling at how small it seemed! What normally makes enough to feed 8+ people was barely enough to feed the 4 of us. I checked my measurements (although I didn’t need to, since I have this recipe memorized) and they were all correct. As I was preparing the dish, I was very aware of time being really elastic and bendy. I was chopping a bell pepper for what felt like about 15 minutes. I remember remarking to myself “Why does this feel like it is taking so long?” Of course when I looked at the clock, only about 2 minutes had gone by.

My sister too was feeling some effects. We were waiting for our Father to arrive last night on his way through town. She had chatted with him earlier and we were expecting him around 3:30 or 4. My sister’s sense of timing is always spot on. Needless to say, he didn’t arrive until almost 6PM. Oddly enough, when I had started the dinner, I was working with the expectation that he would arrive by 4. Again, the timing of this oft made recipe is something I have down to a science. Wouldn’t you know it that dinner was ready pretty much EXACTLY when my Dad stepped through the door, even though he showed up a good 1.5 hours LATER than expected. How did it take me almost 3 hours to make a dish that NEVER takes more than 1? Strange.

Our conversation at dinner turned to the new Star Wars movie. My father is a musician and retired music teacher. We were talking about John Williams and how amazing his scores were and how sad it was that he was gone. My dad and brother in law were both shocked at this news as they didn’t even know he had passed! My sister and I were both confused. We remembered VERY clearly sitting and watching a news story talking about the loss of John Williams! We looked it up online and sure enough, he’s not dead! LOL! Just another day in the life of inter-dimensional living!

My feeling is that we are going to be experiencing a lot more of these strange, and surreal moments as the Truth emerges from even the unlikeliest of places. 2020 is a year where massive amounts of people are going to start waking up. Those of us who have blazed a trail for them have our own new missions coming into focus, and we have left PLENTY of insight and wisdom for them to use along their journey. One thing’s for certain, it will NOT be business as usual by any stretch of the imagination. Happy New Cycle!

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