January 2020 Energy Transmission – It Has to Be You

⏰Sorry I’m late! I got here when I wanted to! This is pretty much my theme for 2020. That and “It HAS to Be You”! If not, you. Who?
?The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction on the 12th is really setting the stage this year. We are transformed and now it’s about putting energy into action. Whatever you desire this year and no matter WHAT meets you through your experience, it all comes back to you. Your inner work is really going to start showing you what you’ve prepared yourself for. If you’ve not been tending to your inner work. then that will show up too! In the end. staying in the Heart as our default way of being will always serve us. It is the middle path.
?The highest good is the highest good. Whether it’s a global initiative or helping your neighbor across the street. Love, authenticity, and compassion are always the way. All of this and more in the January 2020 Energy Transmission!
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