On Shielding and Protection

I don’t protect or shield myself, I do my inner work. I don’t cower at the thought of low vibrations or negative energy, I cultivate my inner light, my inner strength, and learn to use the inherent gifts that are my sovereign birthright.

Yes, I am aware that there are dark forces out there, but none of them, and I mean ZERO of them have the power to overcome the radiance of one who is rooted in the truth of who and what they are. When I KNOW who and what I am, and I LIVE rooted in that, using the frequencies of Love and Truth as the raw materials to create my life, then all else falls away.

When I am confronted by a wonky energy of any kind, I merely turn my spotlight of Love and Compassion towards it acting as a witness of the moment. I stand tall, shining my awareness like a beacon, and watch as the darkness begins to transform itself. When I live as the constant, eternal, embodiment of the Light that I am, I see fear as merely an opportunity to remember the Truth.

It is this Truth which emanates from my field and THAT is what protects me. The field that I embody. The field that I AM. In the presence of the Divine that I AM, nothing that is less than Love can stand. It is our willingness to witness the shadow with Love, while staying firmly in our light that invites the shadow to begin its own process of transformation.

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