The Monumental Shift

The shift we are currently in is literally turning everything inside out and upside down. I’ve seen some common threads show up in client sessions as of late, and I’d like to share some of them with you. As always, don’t get too attached to anything here. This post is about offering clues to help us piece together our individual experience. If what I share here resonates and connects some dots, fabulous. If it doesn’t then this message simply isn’t for you. Plain and simple.

No matter what I or anyone else shares relative to the massive transformation that is currently underway, no body can speak for you. I don’t intend to have all the answers. In fact. I don’t have any answers. At least none that will satisfy the mind, and that’s the underlying point here. This current phase is not at ALL about the mind.

The mind is an archive of experience, it’s is the realm of illusion. It is many things, but it is not a visionary or an oracle. The mind offers the means by which to interpret our physical (external) experience. It is a very sophisticated bio-computer that is really really good at categorizing and filing information. It is also really really good at completely blocking out information that goes against the established narrative that our history has created. The limitations of a “thinking” approach to life are that the mind can only draw from past experience. You can see the implicit restrictions here. The mind has NO way of moving beyond history. The mind can certainly assist in digesting and breaking down new experiences, but it doesn’t create them. It can’t. The limits of what is possible to the mind’s way of operating are very very clear and we are quickly moving beyond them.

The ways that I am seeing this show up are moving from motivation to inspiration, and moving from power to agency/authority. The will of the mind/small self is falling apart and falling apart fast.

I had a client a couple of weeks ago who is a fellow practitioner and she’s in the midst of revamping her practice. She’d found herself unable to breach this glass ceiling that she’d been up against for some time. We did some exploring and dove into her inner landscape and excavated something quite interesting. We traveled back to her past at about 7 years old. There was a memory of her liking a certain boy. We could call it a crush or puppy love. Essentially this boy rejected her saying something to the effect that “she wasn’t pretty enough.” She decided then and there that she would become successful, smart, and powerful to “show him”. That, among other similar experiences, had been the fuel in her tank since age 7.

Another client was trying to figure out why suddenly everything in her life had come to a stand still. Her job was no longer satisfying, and the years she had spent at university to get her degree were suddenly feeling like a waste of time. Her current relationship was empty and flat. It was as if the color had drained from everything in her world and she was just going through the motions. We opened things up and saw quickly that everything she had achieved was because she desperately wanted to please her parents. The pressure to realize the dreams of her family who had emigrated from India to the US, was super intense. The burden was wearing her down fast and hard. Suddenly she realized that very little in her life had anything to do with what she truly wanted. She had taken the (external) will of her parents and was trying like hell to make it her own. After years of depleting herself in the name of her parents, her tank was just about empty.

On my own journey of discovery, it became clear to me that much of my motivation to become successful stemmed from my experiences in childhood. The bottom line for me was that the rejection I experienced back then created the intense desire to be liked and accepted. This became the sole motivation for pretty much everything I did from about age 7 up until yesterday. Ok, that’s a bit of hyperbole to bring some levity to the moment. But seriously, the revelation of this truth has taken my breath away on more than one occasion over the past 18 months.

The common thread to all three of these examples is the experience of moving from motivation (the mind/false self) to inspiration (the soul/spirit/true self). Motivation is 100% an external thing. It is someone else’s agenda that we either inherit or adopt. It is the fuel of another’s thoughts/beliefs/opinions that we use to catalyze forward growth or momentum in our own life.

Certainly there are times in life when external motivation is a good thing. Think of a personal trainer. If I want to get in shape, I can hire a trainer to motivate me. The trick here is to know that the external source is ALWAYS finite. If I am not using motivation to teach me a new way of being in the world (in this instance from out of shape/unhealthy to fit/healthier) then I am wasting my time. If I perpetuate a reality that without a personal trainer (external source of fuel/motivation) I will always be unfit and unhealthy, then I have done nothing to empower myself or grow beyond my previous reality.

It’s the exact same thing with the three examples I have shared above. In each instance the thing that was fueling the fire was someone else’s stuff. In each case, the decision to become powerful, successful, educated, liked, accepted etc. had come from an outside source. Now, let’s be honest here, external motivation can get you pretty far in life. It can certainly be useful in measured doses with mindful intent. However at some point the fuel will run dry and there will only be two options:

1) Go inside and reorient yourself to your source, your truth, your inspiration.
2) Keep resurrecting the same dramas in a new form to recreate the initial catalyzing experience and stay locked in a loop of suffering and dissatisfaction until you die.

It’s pretty clear here the problem with living a life limited to the mental plane. The mind is only ever going to want option 2. The mind doesn’t care if you’re happy/healthy/fit. The mind only cares that you are “safe”. The mind’s idea of safety is controllable, predictable, and linear. A life lived based on history and other people’s stuff is the best the mind can offer.

The same issue here is at the root of our move from power to agency/authority. We’ve been taught for eons that power is important. We elect people we perceive as powerful to take care of us. We hire people we perceive as powerful to run our companies, make our financial, political, religious, and health decisions for us. We even marry people because we believe they can make our lives “better”. We have been programmed to believe that this is all a good thing. That we need these people, and without them we are lost.

Take a look around at the current state of the world. I am hard pressed to see people in ANY position of “power” that have the collective’s best interests at heart. It’s the same old story of a handful of people who are reaping the rewards and steering the ship in the name of their own self interests. Certainly there are exceptions, but they simply prove the rule. In this context, the idea of “power” is just another means for us to chase an external carrot that we will never catch up to.

Agency and authority however are a very different thing. When I KNOW who I am, as a Sovereign being, who chose this experience, I immediately draw from a source that says “You are worthy because you are”. This transcends the rules and laws of man. This removes the need to “prove” myself to anyone or “show them” anything. Suddenly the ideas of scarcity, lack, competition, etc become small and easily discarded. When I am moving from the inspiration that comes via my True Self, then suddenly the opinions, beliefs, and agendas of other people become essentially irrelevant. When I tune into my own frequency, the idea of external power becomes laughable. I am the same force that created the sun and moon and the stars. Do I really need to struggle or deplete myself in the name of external, finite, power? Or can I simply allow the authority of my True Self to move through me, reminding me of who and what I really am?

Think of it this way. Each dimension or level of awareness is an eco-system that has its own rules. In the 3D world, there must always be an external to push, fight against, or resist. The 3D world is only about polarity. Black vs. White. Male vs. Female. Liberal vs. Conservative, etc etc. The rules in 3D are such that without something to fight against we don’t move very far. The external is the only source of fuel. The 3D life is lived almost solely in the mind. Which means that all the stuff the mind offers up as truth is lived as such. Stop for a moment here and think about your greatest fears. In the 3D experience those fears are real and actual in the sense that to the mind they are always lurking around the corner. In the 3D life, we are always bracing for impact and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In 4D we move into an ecosystem where polarity is still the primary experience, however here the difference is that we begin to introduce other options via the state of observation. We begin to question the validity of what the mind has been offering up as truth. That is to say, in 4D I become aware that there is another way. I start to ask new questions and perceive myself outside of the 3D role in which I have been cast. The role of the good child, the successful one, the black sheep, the problem child, the hero, the savior, the villain etc. Suddenly these roles become less and less resonant and we begin to make room for the energy and information that is held by our True/Creator/Higher Self. In the 4D experience the “old ways” become increasingly uncomfortable and ineffective. It is in the 4D ecosystem that our inner work becomes the catalyst for everything. If we aren’t doing our work, then we aren’t going anywhere.

The 5D frequency is when the experiences of our higher aspects become tangible. Suddenly we begin to see that much of  the “woo woo” stuff is actually truth. We begin to experience first hand examples of what happens when we remember how to connect with all that we are. We drop the false identities and move beyond our history. The experience of unraveling our blocks, issues, and traumas becomes almost instantaneous. In this ecosystem, we realize that via our Soul’s lineage we have been ALL of the things we so harshly judged in our 3D life. We have all been the good child, the successful one, the black sheep, the problem child, the hero, the savior, the villain etc. Here, we remember how to acknowledge, accept, and love ALL of ourselves, while the external ideas and judgements collapse. This is truly liberating. It can also be overwhelming and incredibly disorienting.

How do I live now that I am not here to “show them” how successful and powerful I am? How do I live and create a life not as a mind based reaction to what’s happening in the external world, but as a heart based response to what I perceive? In the 5D ecosystem the answer to “How do I allow room for my inspiration and higher wisdom to flow through me?” becomes really really clear.: By going inside, unboxing your stuff, and figuring out a way to meet it ALL with Love, Compassion, and Acceptance. That’s what clears your energy field from the tangled muck of the lower frequencies and allows the crystalline radiance to emerge. In the 5D experience we see the stark truth: We already ARE healthy, balanced, and thriving. The life we dream of has ALWAYS existed. It was only our human stuff that was covering it up.

Think of an oil slick on the water. The clean water is still there. Its simply covered by the toxic sludge floating on the surface, As we continue to do our work to “clean up our mess” the clean water emerges without any effort at all. There was a teaching that came through a lot several years ago that has begun to resurface over the past few weeks. “When pain is present, we always create from it first.” Just like the oil spill on the water. Until it is cleaned up, no matter how valiant our efforts, we’ll never get a pure drink of water. You can’t drink around the poison. In order to restore your inner space to its pristine state, you have to clean it up. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Essentially we are called now to fully surrender our lower, human, agendas. They must fall. There is no other way. Well, there is another way, but that way requires us to stay locked in the ecosystem of fear, limitation, and lack. No longer can we look at the world and act in SPITE of something. That’s not authentic. We must first get clear on what is it within us that inspires us to respond. No longer allowing the external to trigger or motivate us to react.

The difference is subtle but profound. When I move according to my own inner rhythm, I am always on the right track. Tapping into Source and letting it inspire me will always lead me to whatever role I can best play. In this way my focus will be incredibly effective and my creations will manifest in real time via the eternal moment. The eternal moment is always showing me what is possible, but if I am locked into the limited view of the mind, I will most likely miss it entirely.

None of this has anything to do with letting some “outside force” control us, because there is no “outside force”. It’s all you. All of it, and I mean ALL of it. All of it is from You. All of it is for you. There is no separation between You and any of it. Separation is the biggest lie of all. It’s also the foundation on which the mind builds its 3D reality. The creations of the mind will always be rooted in opposition to something. That’s how it works.

The beauty here is that through our work and willingness to show up in our truth, we reprogram the mind and eventually it takes its rightful place in our inner hierarchy. The mind is no longer the CEO. Now it’s our assistant. The mind is a fantastic, top notch helper, but a horrible, awful, toxic, leader. In the eco systems outside of the 3D/4D realms the mind can finally unclench and relax. We get to let it off the hook from having to be in charge of anything. This, in and of itself, makes the journey worthwhile. To live a life that is not commanded by the reflexive, defensive, fear based mind trying to do what it was NEVER created to do is the beginning of a life that feels like paradise. And that is exactly what we came here to do. To reestablish our role as the Sovereign of our experience and recreate heaven on Earth.

The good news? A block is not a barrier, it’s a stepping stone. You’re only stuck until you choose to step up to a higher way of being.

The bad news? Things aren’t going “back to the way they were”. That’s never going to happen. The temporary construct of the 3D Earth Life was an experiment and now it is reaching its conclusion. In actuality, this isn’t bad news at all. It’s the best fucking thing I have ever heard in my life. Personally I’ve spent enough time being locked into the misery of the 3D Matrix world. I have unplugged and there’s no looking back.

Things right now aren’t so much about doing, as they are about allowing. Our higher aspects are anchored into our physical reality now and this experience of remembrance will continue intensify this year. That’s only a scary thing if you’re still fighting the Truth of who you are. When you’re willing to accept your Truth, then living is not only a joy, it is truly, truly, magical.

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