Resistance is Self Sabotage

The You that exists as your fullest expression – call it the Creator Self, Higher Self, The Soul – is always calling you towards expansion. The path that you agreed to walk in this life will open before you as your Self nudges you along towards the realization of your Truth.

At some point you will move beyond your currently perceived limitations. At some point the rung that you are reaching for will become the rung you stand upon. Change and growth are part of the deal. The remembrance of who and what you really are requires you to move beyond the stories and perceptions that hide the True Self.

To resist the changes that you undergo as you embody the fullness of all that You are, ultimately only stands in the way of that which you came here to recall. It won’t always be easy, convenient, or comfortable; but you didn’t come here for Chutes and Ladders. You came here for an experience that is on par with your abilities as a Master Creator.

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