Your Awakening Journey

The journey of awakening doesn’t have a rule book. There is no formula to figure out or a code to crack. What one person has experienced might be light years away from what you go through. A spiritual awakening is about coming to know who YOU are. It is about finding the resonance of YOUR truth.

It is ultimately about your relationship with your Self. Not just the self you see in the mirror, but the Self with a capital “S”. Your relationship with your Self will be realized in the way that is perfect for You. You are a limitless being that exists outside of linear time and space. The more deeply you come to know your Self, the more your journey will reflect your multi-dimensionality.

It’s not a formula like 2+2=4. Expecting it to always make sense or add up in a way that the mind understands is a waste of time. The journey to awakening has very little to do with the requirements of the mind and the limited self. In the end it only ever comes down to one thing: Your relationship with your Self and the Truth that emanates from that knowing.

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