June Energy Transmission – Your Fullness Transforms It

This month has brought in eclipse season. This is a period where we always have an opportunity to integrate some of our more shadowy aspects. As the light is eclipsed for a moment, we can see deeply into ourselves. We are collectively face to face with one of our deepest wounds: Racism. How do we dismantle these monolithic, cultural, institutions? The same way we dismantle the programming in our own lives. The process of growth and evolution is usually the same no matter what it is we are growing through. It will often be uncomfortable.
You will have to learn to listen – to yourself and others.
You will have to let go of belief.
You will have to challenge yourself.
It has to be deliberate.
It’s time to free ourselves from the weight of judgement. Judgement binds us to what we judge. Compassion frees us from the bonds of judgement. All of this and more in the June Energy Transmission.
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